Foster Update for week 11th March 2021



ADOPTIONS BELLE DAKIN JONES has been adopted by her foster family. Thank you Debbie and Steve for loving Belle xxx

DOGS IN PERMANENT FOSTER CARE We have 5 dogs in permanent care. These dogs will be staying under the care of the rescue and not available for adoption due to their age and/or medical issues.

TED LAKING Ted has done wonderfully well since he came to us as an unclaimed stray with cushings disease but his treatment is costly and it is not a cure. All we can do is try and keep Ted as well as possible with drugs. He is settled with Shirley and into a routine, he needs to stay there with no further upset in his life. Shirley has spent much time learning about cushings and understands the condition and that it is life limiting. However, Ted continues to do well, he looks wonderful and we are hoping he has happy years ahead of him because he deserves it. UPDATE 10/03/2021 Shirley says 'Well Ted is still baffling the vet, he is going in on Friday morning to have a procedure to draw urine directly from his bladder. His excessive drinking is causing extremely diluted urine and constant peeing. The vet suspects a form of diabetes but it is a process of elimination to get to the final diagnosis and treatment

LADY BROCKLEBANK will stay with us and with her foster mum Chris. She does have medical issues and at the age of 13 we think it's only kind to let her stay where she is and be supported by us.

BELLA SOMMERVILLE has medical issues and will remain with her foster family for as long as she needs us. Bella does suffer from dementia but she is a terrific character and is very much loved. Foster mum Debs says 'After some awful side effects to some medication I’m happy to report Bella is back to her normal self, confused and noisy but that’s the Bella we love and cherish. She’s a happy little OAP in the Sommerville bubble.

LEO GRIST will be staying with his foster mum Barbara. Barbara says 'Leo is a lot better with his skin now, he is loving life, no ear problems. We go for a long walk with his girlfriend, a little dog called Bella, he adores her, l love him more every day'

POPPY CORLESS will be staying with her foster mum Sharon. Poppy is 13 years old and has a high grade heart murmur, moving her would have been detrimental to her welfare and thankfully Sharon has agreed to keep her forever. Sharon says 'Poppy is still a really loving little girl, she is very affectionate, and she is always up for a cuddle. She eats and drinks well, she is becoming a little more confused and our trip to the vet confirmed that, but we are giving her plenty of reassurance and routine to combat this. She is taking to her new medication well, especially as we put it on a treat!'


FRASER PURVIS is an 8 year old boy, fostered in the North East by Vivianne who says 'Fraser has had a mixed week - the tummy issues we deal with however over the last 3 days he has not been himself, he had a strange episode on Saturday and then yesterday he fell over and I carried him in, other than being a little subdued he seems okay and is eating well. We have a vet appointment on Friday which we can bring forward if his condition worsens but fingers crossed'

BILLY SAUNDERS unfortunately Billy has deep seated issues that we cannot deal with in a foster home. Billy has been moved to the care of Anne De Berry at Snowdonia animal sanctuary. Billy needs time and space to decompress. It is very sad but Anne has everything that Billy needs. Anne has worked with our dogs before with great success and although his rehab will take time we are confident she can get him there. Thank you Brian McDonald for taking Billy to Anne's

HUGO LAKING is a 7 year old fostered in the North East by Shirley Laking. Shirley says 'Hugo is becoming a little fuss pot, when I sit down he is straight there to be on my knee for cuddles, so I thought I would try and put a harness on him, big mistake, he let me put it over his head but then let me know the there was no way I could fasten it, one step to far. He is such a lovely boy most of the time but he is still a work in progress'

COCO AND CHANEL PHELPS. Coco is 6 and Chanel 4. Lovely girls that needed a bit of work doing. They are being fostered by Angie in Sheffield. Angie says 'Coco and Chanel are doing really well, enjoying going for a walk, no issues. Once lockdown restrictions are lifted they will be booked in to be spayed'

COCO CARBINES is with with Val in the North East, Coco is 4 years old. She is a very complex character and Val says 'Coco is getting very comfortable here, she has now met 3 other dogs in the family however she only really liked one, ‘chip the sausage dog’, she loved him at first, but she is changeable, she is barely tolerating him this morning. I do think she will need to be an only dog. Still not been around any children so I cannot comment on her behaviour with them. She loves her walks, baths and playing with her soft squeaky ball. Appetite is very good, toileting is good as long as you are quick to open the door. Health is good, she does have very bad breath (sorry Coco you do). I think eating her own poop may be a possible cause, we have to be pretty quick to stop her eating it, even after feeding, as I said she has a good appetite urghhh. She still loves being in the car but I think she is happy anywhere as long as she is with her hoomans especially me. She is now going to my husband a lot more so progress is being made'

MINNIE MCDONALD is a 4 &1/2 year old and is with Shirley in Hartlepool. Shirley says 'Minnie is doing fine, I have a feeling she may be coming into season as Ted was doing his courtship dance this morning. Minnie is at the vets on Thursday to see if they can find out what is making her itch, thinking she may be a candidate for the Cytopoint injection'

Minnie can now come off her prescription diet and go on to the maintenance food which she will then have to stay on for life....

OZZIE WENHAM is in Lincoln with Sandra. Ozzie has come back to us thru no fault of his own and Sandra says 'Ozzie is doing really well, ran round the garden for quite a while playing football with my niece and nephew on Sunday. Still having bouts of screaming but less than when he first arrived. I think his past will always have some effect on him sadly, but he’s come so far since his arrival. He is a lovely, gentle boy'

MAISIE WRIGHT is with me in North Lincolnshire Maisie is 11 years old. Maisie is a very sweet natured girl. Very charming and undemanding. She likes to know where I am but nothing too severe. Feeding is getting better given her diet is so strict because of her bladder problems. She refuses dry food but will eat wet food and I make her cookies from bone broth and ground up dry prescription food which she will eat. After an initial weight loss she is now gaining so we are very happy. Maisie is just so very kind and deserves everything we can give her which must include a tv because this little girl has square eyes LOL xx

WILLOW CARR A fab little 7 year old girl with Louise in the North East. We'll update later x

CHARLIE SOMMERVILLE is with Debbie in Sheffield, a smashing young dog who has a few issues atm but hopefully we can sort him, Foster mum Debs says 'Charlie continues to make progress In many areas albeit small baby steps. Lovely doggy but he suffers separation anxiety and could really do with his own forever home as soon as it is safe to do so as I fear the upset will revert him back to the nervous anxious boy he was and still can be. Tip top on the health front and a very energetic boy who will happily walk for miles and miles and more miles he would make a great addition to an active family that would include him in their activities'

PIPPA LEWIS, our senior girl who was being replaced by a white dog is with Sandy in the North East. Sandy says 'Pippa is her usual self, one minute she is wanting a walk the next she can’t be bothered but once out she is ok, she can’t walk to far because of her patella and she gets tired. She can eat for England and she is in desperate need of a groom, she is an angel getting showered, dried and brushed. Loves cuddles and attention and will sit by you and tap her paw on you for attention, still no headway with the cat unfortunately Takes her meds everyday and these will be for life. She doesn’t seem interested in playing with Bella although we have got her running on the beach, grass and snow after a ball, I think it’s probably because they are soft on her paws'

FREDDIE EASDEN, our youngster fostered by Caroline in Buckinghamshire. Caroline says 'Freddie has had his first puppy trim and nail clip, he was a good boy and seemed to enjoy it. He’s a typical pup, still full of energy and constantly wanting to play with the others and then collapses in a heap for a snooze. He loves attention, good with brushing although not exactly helpful when he lays down while he’s being done. He likes his little strolls will sit at kerbs for treats before crossing roads. All in all he’s a well balanced little dog'

MAX AND BUSTER WENHAM 2 8yr old brothers who came to us in a disgraceful state of neglect are now in their long term foster home with Jacqui in Buckinghamshire. Jacqui says 'Max and Buster are thriving. Both have dry flaky skin but no other apparent health problems apart from Buster's teeth for which he has appt at vet's on 19th. Highlight of their day ( apart from food !!) is walkies ... they so enjoy these. Both walk at brisk pace with good tension. Will need a home which guarantees plenty of exercise on daily basis. Both have found their voice and enjoy exercising their vocal chords !! They love to 'people/dog watch' at the gate. Both enjoy meeting other dogs but Max can sometimes be a bit 'fruity' with other dogs. Not sure what they would be like off leash with other dogs but think they would be fine as neither has shown any aggressive traitsBoth want my lap and don't like sharing... if rehomed together will need to have a home with at least 2 laps !!! Buster loves his toys and would benefit from an active household. Max is happy to be on your lap when not out walking. They have completely different characters/personalities but both are sensitive, loving and FAB'

MAGGIE SHERLIKER is a 2 year old who's owner is ill. Foster mum Sandra says 'Miss Maggie is having her season and is trying to be the boss over the boys. She is very persistent and has now started on Alfie, who isn't too happy. I'm hoping this is because of her season. She is otherwise a lovely little lady, but does suffer terribly from separation anxiety and will leave little parcels for me, if I nip to the shops. She still doesn't like having her coat on and will stand ramrod until her lead is clicked on. She loves to walk, but not too keen on the rain, eats well, and will try and clean the boys plates as well. She is a bit headstrong and doesn't like the word NO. She has to be near you and gives lovely cuddles. Loves to chase birds even when out walking. Loves everybody she meets. Don't think she's been socialised too much and probably this is where her dominance comes to the fore'

MICKEY AND SUZIE DAKIN JONES are with Debbie and Steve in the North West. I'll confirm ages later. Debbie says 'Micky and Suzie are settling well. MICKEY has had his vet check because he seemed to be uncomfortable when he arrived. He has dermatitis inside his bottom so is on a course of meds for a week which seem to be doing the job.

SUZIE is having her vet check later this week and is showing possible signs of cystitis so we'll be taking a urine sample into the vets to be checked.

These 2 dogs are pretty much joined at the hip. They sleep together and when one moves the other follows. Suzie is the boss and Micke y is happy to follow her lead. It's lovely to see him washing her ears and cuddling up with her. They both need vaccinations restarting but other than that they're looking good and someone is going to be very lucky when they become ready to be adopted'


FRANK DONOVAN , a super little 4 year old boy. Jan says 'Frank is doing great. He has been playing more on walks with my boys. Waiting for restrictions to ease so I can take him to secure dog field so he can run free. Adorable little man'

BAILEY SHERLIKER is ready for adoption but will stay with his foster family for now. Sandra says 'Bailey still a loveable older gentleman. Loves to walk but on his terms. Eats well, loves nothing better but to curl up in his bed and sleep. He had an unfortunate incident with Miss Maggie where she tried to be the boss. His legs aren't as strong and gives way easier due to his luxating patella's. He is my little shadow and eats well even to the point he tells me when it's meal times'

GUS WENHAM is ready for adoption but will stay with his foster family for now.

CHARLIE LEACH is in Driffield with Denise. Picked up and is an unclaimed stray. Denise says 'Charlie is much the same, still grumpy at times. He is beginning to get a bit irritated by the other dogs at times'

BUDDY LITHERLAND is with Sue in the North West. Buddy is 6 years old with a few medical problems. Sue says 'All is well with Buddy. He celebrated his 7th birthday at the weekend in his usual way of sleeping most of the day! I have never know a dog sleep as much as he does, and eat.....we have to watch him, as he gobbles his food down and stands behind Nancy waiting for her to walk away so he can lick her bowl clean.....she has put him in his place a couple of times, but he isn’t deterred by her! Otherwise, he is wonderful and it is going to break my heart when he goes'

MOLLIE AND JAKE McDONALD our older pair in Manchester. They needed some vet work which has now been completed and our vet has signed them off. Brian says'Molly saw vet Monday after her skin flared up 2 weeks on steroid and antibiotics, all went to groomers last Friday other than that all ok with both of them

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