Week commencing 7th February 2020


so gentle I'm going to take them to see her to cheer her up' ***THE GIRLS HAVE A MEET AND GREET ON SUNDAY***

TEDDY GUY is a lovely 8 month old Shih Tzu Bichon X. He is playful and eager to learn, fully house trained, eats well and sleeps well in foster carers room on the floor in his own bed. He is very loving and friendly and enjoys playing with dogs and the cat. Being a puppy he can get excitable and will need to continue all his training. He can be left for a couple of hours without a problem. Teddy needs a home with older dog savvy children and would do well with an older dog who is not fazed by an excitable puppy to learn from. Teddy is an all round healthy and loving little dog who will make a fantastic buddy for a lucky family. Teddy is vaccinated, microchipped and neutered, his adoption fee is £240 and he is in foster care in Chester, please take this into consideration before applying. Teddy comes with 5 weeks free insurance. ***APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED***

FOSTER DOGS IN LONG TERM CARE (these dogs will not be adopted, they will remain under our care)

TED LAKING Ted has done wonderfully well since he came to us but his treatment is costly and it is not a cure. All we can do is try and keep Ted as well as possible with drugs. He is settled with Shirley and into a routine, he needs to stay there with no further upset in his life. Shirley has spent much time learning about cushings and understands the condition and that it is life limiting. However, Ted continues to do well, he looks wonderful and we are hoping he has happy years ahead of him because he deserves it. UPDATE08/01/2020 from Shirley. Ted had his ACTH blood test for his cushing's and his cortisol levels are stable so he will stay on 40mg Vetoryl and go back to the vets in April. Hopefully in April the results will be same and Ted will continue to improve.

LADY BROCKLEBANK will stay with us and with her foster mum Chris. She does have medical issues and at the age of 13 we think it's only kind to let her stay where she is and be supported by us.

TOBY HARRISON Toby will be staying with us due to a long term medical issue. He is very happy with his foster mum Dawn and it really is the kindest thing to do for Toby. Update from Dawn 06/02/2020 'Toby continues to be a lovely little boy despite the odd nip still when I do his eyes, his baths and brushing him. He loves going out and practically knows his own way up to mums now, he loves to get fussed over when we’re out. He had a terrifying encounter with a cat the other day, it’s the first time he has been near one whilst he’s been with me and he tried to run a mile away from it and ended up hiding behind my legs shaking lol'

BELLA SOMMERVILLE has medical issues and will remain with her foster family and Alfie for as long as she needs us. UPDATE 06/02/2020 Debs says 'Bella has had a setback this week. Her dementia is rapidly taking her over. She’s also got severe arthritis in her hips and spondylitis in her spine. She’s also lost nearly 2kg in weight but she was overweight when she arrived with us so vet not concerned as she’s been on a better diet. I’m gutted that she’s deteriorated as she came on leaps and bounds but as long as she knows she’s loved and cared for then come what may I’ll know her time with me was golden. Sorry it’s not a positive update ☹️ when we got back from the vets today Alfie (Bellas husband) laid with her and licked her head. Broke my heart as he kind of knows that she’s different x'


WINSTON GUNTHORPE will be adopted by his foster family following his 2nd vaccination in a few weeks. Tracey says 'Winston has cracked toilet training and loves going away in the caravan he has excellent social skills and can be taken anywhere'

MILO & LOLA HILL will be adopted by their foster family


MAISIE CROSS is with Kath Cross in North Lincolnshire. Kath says ' Maisie is coming along nicely now and will be spayed in a couple of weeks'

GRACIE COOPER has been moved and is now with Shirley in Hartlepool where she will stay until she is ready to be adopted.. Just a year old, she still needs spaying . Shirley says 'Gracie is a happy little girl who likes to be close to her human and her BFF Loli, they do every thing together. Gracie loves her food and will finish hers and then tries to help Loli finish hers. She sleeps through the night and also can be comfortably left for a couple of hours with no problem'

SUZIE MORELLO A lovely 8 year old girl with Karen in Milton Keynes. Karen says 'Suzie is still eating drinking walking well and although not cuddly likes to be close to us snuggled up on the sofa. She is a good natured girl and very friendly to other people and dogs on our walks. She is a little stubborn but hey ho aren't we all!'

ROXY WESTERMAN and is with Jenny in West Yorkshire. Roxy is a lovely 7 year old girl. Jenny says 'Roxy is still being a little diva. Currently doesn’t like walking on lead just sits and refuses to move . When in the park she is off the lead and will have a trot . Eats and sleeps well . Just waiting to start hydrotherapy on Saturday'

LOLI WILSON is with Shirley in Hartlepool where she will stay until she is ready to be adopted. A sweet 6 year old Lhasa. Shirley says 'Loli goes for her Cherry Eye op on Friday. Loli is such a good girl, she loves to curl up on your knee as soon as you sit down, happily plays with Gracie and sleeps right through the night. Can comfortably be left for a couple of hours with no problem'

THEO LEACH, a super young boy with Denise in the York area. Denise says 'Theo is growing up, he is now 8 months old, he is booked in for neutering 13 February. Theo is as ever a charming, happy boy, no vices, eats, sleeps well and loves his walks'

BUSTER DIBBLE is about 8 years old and is with Keith and June Nr York. June says 'Nothing really new with Buster still eats well, toilets well, sleeps well, loves walks and is good on his lead. Will get his final wee sample this week then if that's okay all is well. He still only likes cuddles on his terms but he is getting better and has been playing fetch quite a bit this week a good sign he is feeling much better. He will just need time and patience to trust anyone he's not sure of when he goes to his special forever home'

POPCORN TOON a super 4 year old, has come to us thru no fault of her own and is with Mel in Bedfordshire. Mel says 'Popcorn is just a little darling, nothing new to report, she loves her plethora of toys and playing with Cookie. Popcorn is chilling with our girls and loves to have a run around with them. She's just waiting for her op in March'

MILLIE DIBBLE a youngster who has not been cared for with kindness and has some real issues. Millie is with June and Keith in North Yorkshire and will remain there for some time. June says 'Millie has got her results from her wee infection and that is clear but still not sure why she is still weeing her bed at night She has a nice walk before bed and does lots of wees when out and a poo. Other wise the true Millie is starting to appear she is playing with toys running around and has even taken a shine to Benji our Shihtzu. She was nibbling the back of his neck yesterday. Poor Benji didn't know what to do. She does go to the door during the day to go out and she is very good on the lead. Eats really well and is putting on weight a bit each week. Still could do to put on a bit more. Had a bit of a stressful time at the groomers. However our lovely groomers Lisa and Jess managed to get her done so now she is totally mat free and trimmed. Still unsure of outsiders though but with patience we hope this will change. Millie is heading in the right direction but still needs time to overcome whatever happened to her and forgive and learn to trust humans again'

HEATHER DAKIN JONES is with Debbie and Steve in the Northwest. Goodness knows what has been going on here but things really don't add up with this 2 year old. Heather is very small ( was only 2.2kg) and the vet wants her up to at least 3kg. Debbie says 'Heather is coming on in leaps and bounds in the personality department and isn't particularly happy about being treated like a dog rather than a Diva! Her full blood test last week came back clear which was very positive as we were starting to think there was a real problem with her not putting on weight. Heather has completed her vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and is at the vets for her spay this week when they will also x-ray her back leg. Lead training is a work in progress and isn't going to be an easy fix'

BING MCEVOY Bing is 10 months old and he is with Carol in the Greater Manchester area. Carol says 'Bings appetite has started to improve, he seems to have settled in well, he is a nervous little boy, who has been having a few accidents around the house, so we have started a toilet training regime for him so hopefully we should see an improvement. He loves his walks is good on the lead but very unsure when walking by main roads. He is back to the vets at the end of the month to reassess him'

TILLY AND BUSTER GRIST These adorable 11 & 12 year olds have come into us through no fault of their own, their previous owners health has declined and so asked for our help as they could no longer care for them in the manner they deserved. They had settled in beautifully with their foster mum Barbara but unfortunately Barbara had an accident so we had to move them swiftly to Debbie Dakin Jones and we are hoping they can be returned to Barbara eventually. Debbie says 'BUSTER is a charming old boy and is recovering well after his extensive dental treatment. He's back at the vets later this week for what we hope to be his final check up. He eats well and sleeps like a log and is devoted to Tilly. TILLY had surgery to remove a mammary gland mass this week. We await the results from the lab. Her spay has been postponed for a couple of weeks as the vet decided during her surgery that it wasn't practical to deal with that and her hernia this week. She's been signed off from the vet for her dental and continues to be absolutely no trouble to look after. She and Buster are truly a bonded pair and never far away from each other'

FRASER PURVIS a smashing 10 year old came in earlier this week and is with Vivianne in the North East. Vivianne says 'Fraser has only been with me a couple of days - he is a bit of a gentle giant. He has been groomed and was a very good boy and will see the vet this week. He is starting to eat now and seems to love chicken but turning his nose up at everything else. He is not lead trained and pulls terribly, he gets very excited when meeting

new people or when visitors arrive but we are starting to work on that as if can be quite unnerving if your not expecting it. He is house trained and just a giant cuddle monster the rest of the time'

REGGIE CORLESS RIP Reggie, we tried so hard to help you, I'm so sorry

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