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SUZIE & DARCIE have been adopted by Tracey and her family. Thank you to foster mum Anna for all the love and care you gave them and to Tracey for loving them

TRIXIE has been adopted by Keith and June. After losing her foster mum Mary very suddenly Trixie has her happy ever after and I cannot thank Keith and June enough for reaching out and showing such kindness xx

MAX has been adopted by Anne and her family and living his very best life. Thank you to foster mum Sharon for doing a great job with him and thanks Anne for loving Max.

COCO has been adopted by her foster family. Thank you Fran for doing a great job, I hope she has helped mend a broken heart x








DOGS IN PERMANENT FOSTER CARE We have 8 dogs in permanent care These dogs will be staying under the care of the rescue and not available for adoption due to their age and/or medical issues. We welcome both Ollie and Harley to our special gang xx

BAILEY SHERLIKER Bailey is not well, he has some spinal issues and will not be available to adopt. He is staying with his foster mum Sandra Sherliker for as long as he needs her. Sandra says 'Bailey bobs is slowing down and is even more wibbly wobbly. He’s not in pain, loves his sleep, eating and drinking okay. Not bad for an older gentleman. He’s 14 years young'

LADY BROCKLEBANK our elderly lady is with foster mum Christine who says 'Lady is doing really well. Just a few minor problems which I think are more to do with her age. When she wakes up after a good sleep she gets quite lively. Will not stop barking until she gets her breakfast. Whenever i let her out in the garden she goes straight next door for buns and treats, then settles into one of the cat beds for a snooze! She likes all the men she meets but turns her back on women . I am delighted to say after a sad start, she is now a fully fledged bossy, adorable Shih Tzu in charge of all she surveys, including me and my next door neighbour'

TILLY ASHCROFT is a beautiful 15 year old who will be staying under our care. Foster mum Lesley says 'Tilly has had her first holiday of the year but no walks on the beach as it was far too windy and I won’t risk sandy eyes with her or Mickey and Suzie. They all absolutely loved it roll on 4 weeks and we are off again x She is doing well in Tilly world, our little treasure'

MITCH WENHAM has joined the gang. It would be far too stressful for him to move so he is staying exactly where he is. Mich is a very sad little soul with some neurological issues but is progressing nicely with his devoted foster mum Sandra. He has demons which will probably never leave him but none will be added to his list, he is totally safe and protected with us. Sandra says 'Titchy Mitch is doing really well apart from he seems to have forgotten how to drink again. I’m monitoring his urine to check he doesn’t become dehydrated. He didn’t drink for the first 7 months he was with me and then suddenly he got it, unfortunately, for now, he’s forgotten again. He makes me laugh every day with his ‘peculiarities’, I’d love to spend a day in ‘Mitchland’ so I could understand everything that goes on in his head, but I just go with the flow and keep a beady eye on him. He’s happy and that’s all that matters'

BUDDY HUGHES Buddy has had such a sad past and we have hopefully stabilised his epilepsy so for peace of mind he is staying put. Foster mum Sharon says 'No change for Buds, he’s doing well, he’s lost a little weight and that’s a good thing due to him liking his food a little to much. I don’t like putting to much re- his health issues in case I tempt fate' He isn’t one for playing much and really still hasn’t much interest in toys. He loves his walks each day but I can quite honestly say his true love is food so if he’s not eating or out walking the little love will be found snoozing on the sofa or my knee'

GIZZY P a terribly sad story and I have moved her to a permanent foster, it is clear she will not be suitable to be adopted and needs to stay where she is. Her foster mum Vivianne says 'Gizzy is doing well she has slowed down a lot recently and has some obvious joint problems - she is stiff when she gets up and not as mobile as she was but continues to be extremely loving and an absolute character'

OLLIE has recently joined the forever foster gang. Due to his age we felt he needed stability and continuity from day one and is settling in so well. Foster mum Hannah says 'Ollie is a happy and chilled out boy. He was relieving himself a lot the first couple of days and was refusing to go when out - only on the terrace but its much better now and he will also go on the communal dog patch near the front door he follows me around and doesn't like it when he can't find me. He's very sociable and really loves meeting people. His vet appointment is Monday 13th. He has a cataract and little cyst like things on his skin that have leaked fluid in the past. I'll get him into the groomer next week as I'm off work to help him settle. He jumps on and off the sofa and up and down steps much more confidently now. He doesn't respond to his name and doesn't seem to be able to hear me when I'm behind him. He's such a cutie'

HARLEY EASDEN, our little man from China. Due to the high costs of his ongoing meds Harley will stay under our care. He is being fostered by Caroline who says 'Harley is doing well on his thyroid medication. .He has more energy and even plays now with toys and the others. He runs up and down the steps to get on and off the sofa. His fur has grown back and is more ginger than tan in places now and he’s much more vocal bless him. In fact he’s like a different dog'


HUGO LAKING is a 10 year old fostered in the North East by Shirley Laking. Shirley says 'Hugo sadly has ulcers in both eyes, nervous 7 days putting drops in both eyes 6 times a day, up to now with, the help of meds from the vet, I have managed and kept all my fingers. Back at the vets next Thursday so hopefully drops work, fingers and paws crossed.....'

BUSTER SNOWLEY is a lovely young shih tzu poodle x who was bred in a puppy farm and sold by one of those multi breed kennels that we despise. Unfortunately Buster had dreadful hips and needed bilateral femoral head ostectomy. He is now coming to the end of his aftercare and we are looking forward to him being signed off as fit'

ALFIE WRIGHT our dear disabled boy is with me. Alfie has rear end paralysis and is doubly incontinent. He has now been with us almost 3 years and we are progressing very well. I keep him clean and sweet smelling by using dry shampoo and nappies as a belly band. He is raw fed to make sure his stools are firm I always know when he is going to the toliet because his tail wags and his back legs shake so I just wait and pick it up with a wet wipe, it's very easy to manage. He loves people watching, it is very comical to watch, we never miss an opportunity to meet people and explain his situation. Alfie is very sociable and enjoys having his ears rubbed by both adults and children, he is my social butterfly. Alfie has totally mastered the art of wheels and is amazing in them, almost as if he had been born with them. Having Alfie is an absolute privilege, and I am aware he plays me and all his close humans like an old fiddle, he is never a chore and we so enjoy our time together educating interested members of the public, particularly children about the ability of disabled dogs to have a long and happy life. Paralysis or partial paralysis is not necessarily a death sentence and we will never stop spreading the good news'

HARRY TOVEY is a lovely little 7 year old shih tzu x chi. He is being fostered locally to me by foster mum Janet. Harry is quite a character, when he 1st joined us he would bark and kick off at any dog, big or small but with lots of socialising he has come on very well. I saw him recently and he was very calm and quiet with all the small dogs but had a go at larger dogs. He's the sort of dog that make you smile, little but with a big attitude as he struts his stuff'

EDDIE EASDEN is our boy from China. He had what can only be described as a rotten life before our friends at Saving Harbin Dogs saved his life. Foster mum Caroline says 'Eddie is making very slow progress .He still doesn’t like lead or harness and toilets indoors. He was groomed on Friday which is difficult and needs medication to calm him down. He can be loving and is quite a happy little dog most of the time'

RUFFLES EASDEN was not in great shape when he joined us and needs a lot of input from Caroline. Working closely with a very good vet we are hopeful we can make Ruffles a much more comfortable young man. Caroline says 'Ruffles skin and ears have started to break out again but we have now decided to try Atopica and see if it controls the symptoms of his allergies, we just can’t seem to quite get it totally under control. Saying that though he’s got a decent fur coat now and is looking like a totally different dog to when he came in. He's happy, eats a special diet and loves cuddles and playing'

LOLA L is a tragic case but she is responding well to her foster family. Foster mum Lynda says 'Lola has been spayd this week and is recovering well'

MILLY foster mum Caroline says 'Millie is a lovely little dog. Loves cuddles and just waiting to be spayed'

BRUNO S is just a youngster but he has led a very sheltered life. His foster mum Tracey says 'Bruno is doing well, still on steroids for his ears. With the vet is wanting to look at more options. Bruno is not very accommodating with the vet at all. He seems happy, extremely protective of me and the house.. He is very vocal with visitors. Snores louder than anything I have ever heard . He likes a good play with his ball and all his toys. He is coming on well but I think he has a long way to go.. such a lovely little chap with his quirky ways'

LUCY is a beautiful 10 month old girl. Foster mum says 'Lucy is doing really well, she's getting better at going out to do her business. She's like my Molly's shadow, they're definitely the best of friends. We are still working on being able to groom her face and it's slow going. She's got a lovely temperament, a little ball of fun. She puts our Charlie in his place now! Still no sign of her coming in to season, when she does we can arrange her spay'

IZZY is approx 7 years old. Foster mum Sue says 'We have had Izzy just over a month now. She is a beautiful dog and has settled in great. She was scared of the world when she first came but is now very trusting. She just wants cuddles all day and loves attention. Her vet check showed that she is no more than 5 years old but not 100% sure. We are waiting for her to come into season then she can be spayed. She is an absolute joy to foster'

FREDDIE & COOPER 2 lovely boys who joined us recently. Since coming to us Freddie who is the younger of the 2 has been diagnosed with a heart murmur so we are getting him stabilized on meds. Foster mum Anna says 'Freddie and Cooper have had another quietish week. They're enjoying 2 small walks a day. Meeting lots of people and other dogs out and about. They were a little jumpy with lorries going past making loud noises but now it doesn't faze them. They both have their favourite place to do their business. They play with toys but if Cooper has a toy Freddie will take it off him but Cooper doesn't mind most of the time he just finds the other one. Freddie had his heart medication reduced a week ago and the vet is very happy for him to continue on the lower dose and to monitor it his heart rate periodically. Foster mummy will be sorting out a groom for them both next week hopefully. These boys are so chilled and love nothing more than snuggling on your lap for cuddles or with each other'

OREO is just a youngster. He needs castrating after which he will be adopted by his foster family. Foster mum Karen says 'Oreo is doing well. Waiting for his castration this week'

REMEMBERING Mary Knight, adopter, fosterer and exceptional human being. May you rest in peace Mary no more pain and we carried out your last wish and made sure Trixie will be secure and loved for the rest of her life xxxx

BUDDY WINTER a little soul who passed away far too young but knew such kindness from Teresa and Norma, they did all they could xxxx

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