Week commencing 7th January 2020




DUSTY HARRISON Our gorgeous little lady Dusty has now flown the STAR nest and landed herself a very special forever home with Janet and Phil.Very special thanks to her foster mum Dawn Harrison for all the wonderful love and care you gave Dusty.

BENJI LAKING Our beautiful Benji has now flown the STAR nest and landed himself his very own forever home with Lorraine and Michael. Very special thanks to his wonderful foster mum Shirley Laking for everything you have done for this young man.

BENTLEY AND NIZMO HARRISON have now flown the STAR nest and landed themselves a wonderful forever home with Chrissie, Anthony and family. Very special thanks to their foster mum Dawn Harrison for everything you have done for the boys and a big thank you to Stephen Dakin for your help with the boys.

TRIXIE TISSINGTON-KING Our adorable little Trixie has now flown the STAR nest. She hasn't gone far though as her foster mum Jan Tissington-King and family have officially adopted her. A very special thanks Jan for everything you have done, taking her into your heart and giving her the forever home she deserves


FOSTER DOGS IN LONG TERM CARE (these dogs will not be adopted, they will remain under our care)

TED LAKING Ted has done wonderfully well since he came to us but his treatment is costly and it is not a cure. All we can do is try and keep Ted as well as possible with drugs. He is settled with Shirley and into a routine, he needs to stay there with no further upset in his life. Shirley has spent much time learning about cushings and understands the condition and that it is life limiting. However, Ted continues to do well, he looks wonderful and we are hoping he has happy years ahead of him because he deserves it. UPDATE08/01/2020 from Shirley. Ted had his ACTH blood test for his cushing's and his cortisol levels are stable so he will stay on 40mg Vetoryl and go back to the vets in April. Hopefully in April the results will be same and Ted will continue to improve.

LADY BROCKLEBANK will stay with us and with her foster mum Chris. She does have medical issues and at the age of 13 we think it's only kind to let her stay where she is and be supported by us.

TOBY HARRISON Toby will be staying with us due to a long term medical issue. He is very happy with his foster mum Dawn and it really is the kindest thing to do for Toby. Update from Dawn 31/12/2019 'Toby is doing really well, he had ear infections again but its cleared now with medication, he continues to have his baths in Malaseb and his optimmune twice a day, which he still doesn’t like after all this time, but we have a little understanding between us now sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t !! I sometimes go through quite a few plasters but hey, he knows I love him lol'

BELLA SOMMERVILLE has medical issues and will remain with her foster family and Alfie for as long as she needs us. UPDATE 06/01/2020 Debs says 'Bella all good. Been to groomers today and she looks like a beautiful snuggly teddy bear. Changed groomers and been to a specific shihtzu one and she finally looks like the princess that she is. Just her ears to grow down now. Groomer could not believe she was nearly 11 and said she was in great shape'

MOLLY HARRISON is our elderly blind westie. She will stay with us for as long as she needs to under the loving care of foster mum Dawn.


MAISIE CROSS is with Kath Cross in North Lincolnshire. Kath says ' Maisie is coming along nicely now and will be spayed in a couple of weeks'

MILO & LOLA HILL have been moved to Jaqy Harrington-Halstead. They have both settled into their new home very well. Lola has started hydro to help build up the muscles on her operated leg. Milo is his same old self.

GRACIE COOPER is with Arlene in Glasgow. Just a year old, she needs spaying and has finally come into season . Arlene says 'Gracie progressing well starting to put a bit more weight on now so looking nice and healthy'

SUZIE MORELLO is in the South East. A lovely 8 year old girl with Karen in the South East and Karen says 'Suzie is still in season and doesn't understand why she cant join us on our walks at the moment. She is keeping herself as clean as she can and is still eating well'

ROXY WESTERMAN and is with Jenny in West Yorkshire. Roxy is a lovely 7 year old girl. Jenny says 'Well what can I say about Roxy no changes really. Eats and sleeps well. Had her weighed last Thursday and I’m over the moon she now weighs 9.1 kg. Mobility still slow but we will get there eventually and in the meantime she just plods along'

LOLI WILSON is with Julie in Glasgow. A sweet 6 year old Lhasa. Julie says 'Loli is doing really well, she is putting on weight now after having 23 teeth out her wee mouth must have been so sore.. Its all healed now. Yesterday she was back at the vets to be neutered plenty tlc for Loli Pop, she is snuggling in for a cuddle now'

BUSTER LEWIS. A lovely 9 year old boy is with Joanne in the North East. Joanne says 'Buster is doing well, nothing new to report really, his eye seems to have healed well from his ulcer procedure, still barks at people and dogs, which we think is more fear than aggression, we are going to take him in to more crowded places to try and familiarise him with people'

THEO LEACH, a super 6 month old boy with Denise in the York area. Denise says Theo has been to the groomers, he is a lively, fun loving little boy. Sleeps all night, loves to go for walks, loves all dogs, eats well and is an all round delight.'

BUSTER DIBBLE is about 8 years old and is with Keith and June Nr York. June says 'Buster still on antibiotics and special food for his urinary problem back at vets 17th Jan for check to see if everything has cleared up. Otherwise still the same. Eats well, sleeps downstairs. Toilets well, loves his walks. Still let him come to us for affection. Likes to sit near you with his head on your lap and let's you stroke his head and shoulders. Any affection has to be on his terms otherwise he can growl if he's not happy being touched. Hoping he will be a bit better when he is fully recovered as he has been through such a lot bless him

ALFIE WILSON was moved this week to another foster home that is dog free and is settling down well. We are still struggling with Alfie. It would seem Alfie is very troubled

OSCAR JONES JNR. is with Ruth in the Northwest. He is a lovely 5 year old boy who was very loved. Early days yet but Ruth says 'Oscar is being neutered in the new year, he does not like strange dogs approaching him on walks, and becomes very reactive'

POPCORN TOON a super 4 year old, has come to us thru no fault of her own and is with Mel in Bedfordshire. Mel says 'Popcorn is all good as ever but still hasn’t come in season. Going to speak to the vet today when she has her second jab'

MIA & LUCY PHELPS are with Angie in Sheffield and are 8 1/2 year old sisters. Angie says 'Mia has completed her antibiotics and her cough has gone. Both Mia and Lucy are fully recovered after their dental work. Both girls are vaccinated and immunised. They are being groomed on Friday and are now ready to find their forever family. They are very close and need to be rehomed together. Lovely natured ladies very loving and sweet. Fully house trained with no behavioural problems. They would make someone lovely companions. They are good with older children and probably better suited to a quiet residence for their golden years'

MILLIE DIBBLE a youngster who has not been cared for with kindness and has some real issues. Millie is with June and Keith in North Yorkshire and will remain there for some time. June says 'Millie who is 3 years old is settling in quite well but is still having one or two accidents. Have not managed to get her to sleep through the night yet she still wants to go out to toilet around 1 am to 2am but at least she does let us know. She is still very unsure of strangers yet and we have to ask people not to stroke her as she will curl her lip up and may bite. Everyone who meets her when out asks why she is so thin so we have to explain that she is a rescue dog who has been seriously badly treated and she needs time to get her little body built up and also to learn to trust humans again. Nearly all who see her think she's a lovely dog and can't understand how anyone could treat her that way. Millie went to the groomers today to pick up Dolly and Benjie and to have a look around to meet our groomers and see how she was as she really needs doing but we can only do this gradually. So she is going back for a visit next week then we will see how things go. She was fine just being stroked by one of our groomers so hopefully we can get her tidied up a bit and she will feel better. Unfortunately it is going to be quite sometime before little Millie will be able to find her forever home'

HEATHER DAKIN JONES came in last week and is with Debbie and Steve in the Northwest. Goodness knows what has been going on here but things really don't add up with this 2 year old. Heather is very small (only 2.2kg) and the vet wants her up to at least 3kg. Debbie says 'Heather is doing very well. She's settled in to our routine, gets on great with our 3 shoos. Despite her being so tiny, she stands up for herself if someone tries to take her place on the sofa and she's beginning to learn what a toy is which is so lovely to see. Heather has had her first vaccination and her weight is being regularly monitored as we work towards getting her to 3kg from her start weight of 2.2kg which was grossly underweight. The vet has found an issue with one of her back legs which could require surgery. This will be investigated further whilst she is under anaesthetic for her spay

although at this stage we don't have a date for that so will continue to ensure she's in no pain and hope it can wait until then rather than putting her under anaesthetic twice.
We're taking her for a short trip in the motorhome next weekend so that could be fun 😀'

BING MCEVOY came in with Dinky but the decision was taken to split them immediately. Bing is only 10 months old and was far too much for Dinky, she really dislikes him and because Dinky is frail it was in her best interest to take him away. He is a typical youngster, too much energy, too much attitude and too many hormones. He is with Carol in the Greater Manchester area. Carol says 'Bing is doing well in the house. He’s nervous on the lead when cars pass. He likes to play with his toys. He is very anxious at times due back to the vets in 4 weeks'

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