DOGS IN PERMANENT FOSTER CARE We have 8 dogs in permanent care These dogs will be staying under the care of the rescue and not available for adoption due to their age and/or medical issues.

POPPY CORLESS will be staying with her foster mum Sharon. Poppy is 15 years old and has a high grade heart murmur, moving her would have been detrimental to her welfare and thankfully Sharon has agreed to keep her forever. Sharon says 'Poppy is such a lovely dog but it isn’t easy to have to think for her and her barking at nothing can be at times testing, but with a lot of patience and love we plod on each day'

FRASER PURVIS although not old has numerous health problems which are life limiting. He will stay in the care of his devoted foster family. Vivianne says 'Fraser is doing well, he has had some tummy upset this week but the poop seems to have dried up. He enjoys his walks and has started stealing Princesses food which is quite funny as she has spent the past 2 years stealing his. He is and always will be my cuddle monster'

LEO GRIST is with Barbara. Leo has some long term medical issues which need ongoing medical care. Barbara says 'Leo has been to the vet and has got underlying ear infections caused by his skin condition, he has ear drops twice a day, he is still his happy self, loving everyone love him so much'

BAILEY SHERLIKER Bailey is not well, he has some spinal issues and will not be available to adopt. He is staying with his foster mum Sandra Sherliker for as long as he needs her. Sandra says 'Bailey bobs is slowing down. He enjoys a little walk and stops when he’s had enough. He’s getting more used to his buggy and loves to “bark” his orders out from his carriage'

PIPPA LEWIS due to her age and medical needs Pippa will stay with us. Sandy says 'Nothing new to report on Pippa, just living life and enjoying the fun, and lots of sleeps and food and she is happy'

LADY BROCKLEBANK has moved to the care of Christine. Lady needs special care and Christine is very experienced in this department. Lady has settled in so well and is certainly the queen of the house. She had a groom this week and is looking particularly stunning.

TILLY ASHCROFT is a beautiful 13 year old who will be staying under our care. Foster mum Lesley says 'Tilly is doing well after a few weeks of her eyes being sore again. She had to come on honeymoon with us because of the frequency of her eye meds. And after day 2 she was back to her usual self and enjoyed our honeymoon as much as we did bless her. Apart from that she is still our little cuddle bug and enjoying life' xx

MADDY PEARSON will stay with us under the loving care of foster mum Gillian. Maddy at 14 years is too old to be messed about and there are a number of health issues. She is very happy and settled and enjoying her new life and we are hoping that with good luck and the wind on our backs we can give her a really good quality of life.


HUGO LAKING is a 7 year old fostered in the North East by Shirley Laking. Shirley says 'Bathed Hugo today, he is a clever little shih tzu, I bathed the girls earlier this week and he knew it was his turn. Well he managed to give me one nip but I outsmarted him in the end, one thing Hugo can't resist is a treat. Once in the bath he is okay but I'm not allowed to wash his paws or his tail, so it's a mixture of a bath of warm water and a back shampoo and a shower. Then I lay towels on the floor for him to dry himself off, I get the hair dryer out and he loves it, so he looks halfway decent and smells lovely'

BUSTER SNOWLEY is a lovely young shih tzu poodle x who was bred in a puppy farm and sold by one of those multi breed kennels that we despise. Unfortunately Buster had dreadful hips and needed bilateral femoral head ostectomy. He is now coming to the end of his aftercare and we are looking forward to him being signed off as fit. However Buster being Buster things are never straightforward. Buster is fostered near me and I am his chaueffer and I have had an operation and couldn't drive for a few weeks so I told him to keep out of trouble because our vets is 12 miles away and I am not carting him on the bus!! Since that warning he has needed 2 surgical procedures!! I am fortunate to be able to call on some very kind people who are transporting him backwards and forwards to the vets. We have restarted his hydro but we are getting to the point where he is as good as he can be physically.

ALFIE WRIGHT our dear disabled boy is with me. Alfie has rear end paralysis and is doubly incontinent. He has now been with us 13 months and we are progressing very well. Alfie is now microchipped, vaccinated and was neutered. Whilst under GA our vet had a look at his eyes which I was concerned about and unfortunately he has some ingrowing eyelashes in his right eye, these have been removed by plucking so now we play a waiting game to see if they grow back and he is rubbing them again so we will have to revisit this and I don't think we have ruled out surgery at this point. I keep him clean and sweet smelling by using dry shampoo and nappies as a belly band. He is raw fed to make sure his stools are firm and he has tree bark powder added to his food. I always know when he is going to the toliet because his tail wags and his back legs shake so I just wait and pick it up with a wet wipe, it's very easy to manage. He loves people watching, it is very comical to watch, we never miss an opportunity to meet people and explain his situation. Alfie is very sociable and enjoys having his ears rubbed by both adults and children, he is my social butterfly. Alfie has mastered the art of wheels and is amazing in them, almost as if he had been born with them. Having Alfie is an absolute privilege, and I am aware he plays me and all his close humans like an old fiddle, he is never a chore and we so enjoy our time together educating interested members of the public, particularly children about the ability of disabled dogs to have a long and happy life.

HARLEY EASDEN, our little man from China. Harley was taken very ill 16 weeks ago and had emergency surgery to remove a stone stuck in his urethra and his bladder was opened up and cleaned out. He is being fostered by Caroline who says 'Harley is just Harley. .At the moment he’s becoming fed up with his diet so he’s only eating a little at a time. He’s happy though, enjoys cuddles and loves fuss. He’s due a vet check end of this month for the stones (check there are none). All in all a happy little lad'

PIPPA PHELPS is a 6 year old beauty. Foster mum Angie says 'Pippa has been in season and I have booked her in for spaying, hernia repair and dental, this will be done in October. Pippa is eating well, good on the lead and is settled in beautifully. She's definitely taken on the mother role in the group'

MOLLY TOWNELL a super 36 week girl came to us thru a change in circumstances. She's a typical youngster, confident, funny and with teeth like razors. She's fostered near to me and we meet her on the park with her foster brother Simba. Molly is gobby and likes to mouth off at dogs she doesn't know when perhaps she might be better keeping it zipped. She's rough, tough and a real tomboy. Foster mum Bev says 'Molly is doing great, she has fitted in with Simba and is settling down from her barking and stealing Simba's treats. She is loving. eats really well and is a total pleasure. Molly has just finished her 1st season so will be spayed in due course'

MOLLY PHELPS a youngster and is with Angie. Angie says 'Molly has come in to season and is booked in to be spayed on the 22nd December. Molly is a bundle of mischief, looking for the next thing to do and play with. She has become more settled and lays next to me or on my lap for a nap for longer periods of time. She eats well, sleeps well and is good on the lead and has had a groom this week'

CHARLIE BOWSKILL is just a youngster. He's being fostered by Clive who says 'Charlie is doing well, working on his socialising with other dogs and having long walks in the park. Charlie was neutered last week and is recovering well'

TREACLE AND GIZMO WINTER are a beautiful pair of girls both under 5. Foster mum Teresa says 'No change here. Gizmo & Treacle are half sisters aged 4 and 5 (in November) and are the cutest, most loving and snuggliest cuddle monsters I've ever met. They eat well, sleep together and walk lovely on a double lead. They are an absolute pleasure to have and have settled really well into a daily routine with Teddy and Willow. Gizmo should be able to have her little lady operation at the end of September (I'll check with the Vet when I'm there next week for Willow's annual vaccinations) and Treacle will follow on with hers in October. Perfect lodgers with no issues'

KONA EASDEN our little girl from China. I was made aware of Kona and BeiBei at the end of last year and asked if we could find it in our hearts to get them to the UK. They were living in shocking conditions and as soon as I confirmed with Eva Dudas that yes we would commit to them Eva was able to move them to the safety of her rescue. There have been ongoing issues with covid in China resulting in delays for both dogs leaving China but finally Eva got the breakthrough she needed and they were booked on flights, BeiBei 1st followed a couple of weeks later by Kona. All these Chinese dogs have an extremely stressful time, it involves 3 separate flights, the last one being over 13 hours long and I cannot tell you what a relief it is when the plane finally lands at Heathrow. Caroline  collects from Heathrow along with Heidi Chilvers who is Eva's person on the ground in the UK, thank you Heidi for all you do not just for us but for all the other dogs that are able to come to the UK. Caroline says 'Kona is a lovely little girl but a little nervous. She enjoys tummy rubs and cuddles on the sofa when she gets to know you. She is clean in the house, sleeps downstairs either in a bed or on sofa, enjoys her meals and is becoming more confident when out on walks. She needs a groom so will get her booked in'

BEN AND OLLIE DAVIE have moved foster homes and are settling in really well. Foster mum Gill says 'BEN is doing well and settling in. He has become more trusting over the past few days and enjoys a good cuddle and will allow me to pick him up, with out a growl. He loves his toys and can be grumpy if Ollie comes to close or pays interest in them. Ben is also grateful the walking lampshade is gone and not chasing him. He is still reactive with dogs, cats and horses, but working on this slowly . He is doing well, walks well on the lead and with Ollie when on joint walks. . OLLIE had his stitches out on Tuesday following his eye removal and is enjoying life without his lampshade. He has settled well and his full lovely character is coming out. Loves a cuddle and helping me with my work. Enjoys time at the yard with the horses and receiving more cuddles. Enjoyed a walk on Beverley Westwood with his friend Ben. Walking well on lead and travels well'

FRANKIE ARNOLD is with Kelly. A fab shih x bichon and 3 years old. Foster mum Kelly says 'Frankie is enjoying the new games and training I’m slowly introducing to help boost his confidence. He transitioned over to a new food a few weeks ago which has helped his skin and he is much more food oriented now and eager for his kibble in a morning. We’ve also noticed a few small improvements with his anxiety levels. It’ll take some time and hard work but I’m confident we’ll get him there! We’re really proud of his progress so far - slow and steady wins the race'

LOLA JONES, came to us a few weeks ago, with a very sketchy history. She has moved foster home and new foster mum Nicci who says 'Lola's doing great. Had her health check at vets and all ok. She’s starting to lose a bit of weight so she’s becoming more mobile and playful. Great on walks and very good on the lead. Fine with other dogs and doesn’t seem to be bothered by cats if she sees them when we are out. Loves attention and wants to be at your side constantly especially cuddles up next to you on the couch. Sleeping well and has a hell of a snore which can wake you up in the night  She is an absolutely lovely little lady

HARRY TOVEY is a lovely little 7 year old shih tzu x chi. He is being fostered locally to me by foster mum Janet. Harry is quite a character, when he 1st joined us he would bark and kick off at any dog, big or small but with lots of socialising he has come on very well. I saw him a couple of days ago and he was very calm and quiet with all the dogs. He's the sort of dog that make you smile, little but with a big attitude as he struts his stuff.

LOLA ELLIOT is with foster mum Jacqueline who says 'Lola must be close to being a perfect dog .... especially now her coat is short and doesn't shed . Super little dog. She will be spayed on 6th September and should be ready for a forever home soon after'

MURPHY RUSTON is a lovely 8 year old boy and is with his foster mum Karen who says 'Murphy has been in his foster home for nearly 2 weeks. He has settled in and made himself at home sharing his space and attention with my Tibetan Terrier. He enjoys is walks and is calm when approaching and being approached by dogs he meets on his walks. He enjoys his food, sleeps throughout the night and is clean in the house. A cheerful character'

TED BUTTERFIELD is lovely young man with a somewhat sketchy past. Foster mum Karen says 'Ted is doing really well now, eating his vet food like a good one, he knows I put his medication in it but that's not stopping him. He's now got the harness off ( yippee ) and has a collar, he's becoming very vocal for walks and his grub and starting to play a little but forgets where he is and stops. He loves the other dogs but they are all still learning as he can be a bit over powering. Ted in him self is so much better ( and he says a big woof you) he's really coming out of his shell , he's now sleeping in a crate which he likes as it's his place. His tail now is up not between his legs and wagging. He can still be a bit growly but that mainly if you do a sudden movement to touch him. He is unsure of men but is getting a bit better, he will sniff and let them pat him but if they go too long he let's them know with a growl ( warning ) but it early days'

BISCUIT LEACH is our young chihuahua who we couldn't leave behind. Biscuit is being fostered by Denise who says 'Well Biscuit has been with me a week and he is slowly emerging from being a terrified little boy. He didn’t eat for several days and he only eats once a day off a plate, I think he was used to eating only human food. He loves going for a walk and walks well on lead and he has been exploring bridle paths with all the associated smells and textures. He is clean in the house and he has begun to slowly explore his surroundings. He is slowly coming out of his shell'


ELLIE GRIST who we lost yesterday, we could do no more and are collectively devastated but not as devastated as foster mum Barbara.