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BEN AND OLLIE DAVIE Have been adopted by foster mum Gill Phillips and her family. This has not been an easy foster and we are very grateful that they are now settled and much loved. Thank you to all involved.






DOGS IN PERMANENT FOSTER CARE We have 8 dogs in permanent care These dogs will be staying under the care of the rescue and not available for adoption due to their age and/or medical issues.

POPPY CORLESS will be staying with her foster mum Sharon. Poppy is 15 years old and has a high grade heart murmur, moving her would have been detrimental to her welfare and thankfully Sharon has agreed to keep her forever. Sharon says 'Poppy is still the same, she sleeps most of the day now and awake at night, and more often than not wakes me up to with her howling. She still loves her short walks and loves her food'

FRASER PURVIS although not old has numerous health problems which are life limiting. He will stay in the care of his devoted foster family. Vivianne says 'Fraser has been a little grumpy this week I needed to go to London with work and he lay across the top of the stairs so I couldn’t get past with my bags. I did escape and he made up with lots of kisses on my return. He is not eating very well but we are monitoring it. He has a lump on his shoulder which we are also monitoring to see if it gets any bigger and we need to be concerned other than that he remains forever my cuddle monster'

LEO GRIST is with Barbara. Leo has some long term medical issues which need ongoing medical care. Barbara says 'Leo is settling where we are staying at the moment, he seems to be licking his paws and private parts a lot more than usual but I have put it down to the upheaval, apart from this he is my little cuddle monster and loving little man as always he is my world,

BAILEY SHERLIKER Bailey is not well, he has some spinal issues and will not be available to adopt. He is staying with his foster mum Sandra Sherliker for as long as he needs her. Sandra says 'Bailey bobs no change. Loves snoozing and barking his orders from his chariot'

PIPPA LEWIS due to her age and medical needs Pippa will stay with us. Sandy says 'Pippa is fine , she gets a little slow on that back leg , but you put a treat in front of her , then it’s a different matter'

LADY BROCKLEBANK our elderly lady is with foster mum Christine who says 'Lady is doing really well. Just a few minor problems which I think are more to do with her age. When she wakes up after a good sleep she gets quite lively. Will not stop barking until she gets her breakfast. Whenever i let her out in the garden she goes straight next door for buns and treats, then settles into one of the cat beds for a snooze! She likes all the men she meets but turns her back on women . I am delighted to say after a sad start, she is now a fully fledged bossy, adorable Shih Tzu in charge of all she surveys, including me and my next door neighbour'

TILLY ASHCROFT is a beautiful 14 year old who will be staying under our care. Foster mum Lesley says 'Tilly is doing well no worries her fish diet really suits her and no flare ups with her eyes still since we changed her diet , all in all she is her cheeky cuddle monster self and we love her to infinity'

CHICO SIMPSON is staying under the care of the rescue with his loving foster mum.





HUGO LAKING is a 7 year old fostered in the North East by Shirley Laking. Shirley says 'Hugo will be getting a groom next week so he is looking smart for Santa paws, I have got his happy pills so I can keep my fingers. He is usually really good when you give him a treat, he can be a little gentleman and give you his paw, but he blotted his copybook the other day and snatched his treat and almost got my fingers. He came and sat at my feet afterwards, he does that when he's sorry'

BUSTER SNOWLEY is a lovely young shih tzu poodle x who was bred in a puppy farm and sold by one of those multi breed kennels that we despise. Unfortunately Buster had dreadful hips and needed bilateral femoral head ostectomy. He is now coming to the end of his aftercare and we are looking forward to him being signed off as fit. However Buster being Buster things are never straightforward. Buster is fostered near me and I am his chauffer and I have had an operation and couldn't drive for a few weeks so I told him to keep out of trouble because our vets is 12 miles away and I am not carting him on the bus!! Since that warning he has needed 2 surgical procedures!! I am fortunate to be able to call on some very kind people who are transporting him backwards and forwards to the vets. We have restarted his hydro but we are getting to the point where he is as good as he can be physically.

ALFIE WRIGHT our dear disabled boy is with me. Alfie has rear end paralysis and is doubly incontinent. He has now been with us 17 months and we are progressing very well. I keep him clean and sweet smelling by using dry shampoo and nappies as a belly band. He is raw fed to make sure his stools are firm and he has tree bark powder added to his food. I always know when he is going to the toliet because his tail wags and his back legs shake so I just wait and pick it up with a wet wipe, it's very easy to manage. He loves people watching, it is very comical to watch, we never miss an opportunity to meet people and explain his situation. Alfie is very sociable and enjoys having his ears rubbed by both adults and children, he is my social butterfly. Alfie has mastered the art of wheels and is amazing in them, almost as if he had been born with them. Having Alfie is an absolute privilege, and I am aware he plays me and all his close humans like an old fiddle, he is never a chore and we so enjoy our time together educating interested members of the public, particularly children about the ability of disabled dogs to have a long and happy life. Paralysis or partial paralysis is not necessarily a death sentence and we will never stop spreading the good news.

HARLEY EASDEN, our little man from China. Harley was taken very ill 6 months ago and had emergency surgery to remove a stone stuck in his urethra and his bladder was opened up and cleaned out. He is being fostered by Caroline who says 'Harley is just Harley. At the moment he’s becoming fed up with his diet so he’s only eating a little at a time. He’s happy though, enjoys cuddles and loves fuss'

HARRY TOVEY is a lovely little 7 year old shih tzu x chi. He is being fostered locally to me by foster mum Janet. Harry is quite a character, when he 1st joined us he would bark and kick off at any dog, big or small but with lots of socialising he has come on very well. I saw him recently and he was very calm and quiet with all the small dogs but had a go at larger dogs. He's the sort of dog that make you smile, little but with a big attitude as he struts his stuff'

MURPHY RUSTON is a lovely 8 year old boy and is with his foster mum Karen who says 'Murphy is a lovable dog, who likes to know who is coming into his foster home, once he has met you on the second visit he accepts you. He is going for his second injection on Thursday and hopefully he will accept the Vet . He continues to enjoy walks and trips out in the car and sharing the sofa with is foster sister Ellie. In the New Year he went to the beach which he enjoyed'

BAILEY JONES is a 5 year old and has been in a month or so and is with Sarah his foster mum who says 'Bailey had his 2nd vacc on Friday, so he’s fully vaccinated now. He has an ear and eye infection that he’s got drops for, apart from that he’s doing really well' ***BAILEY WILL BE READY FOR ADOPTION AFTER CHRISTMAS***

BERTIE AND BETSY WILSON came to us a few weeks ago, 15 month old brother and sister. Foster mum Adele says 'Betsy and Bertie had a long awaited groom this week … they behaved really well and the Groomer has fallen in love with them .. Betsy continues to rule the roost over Bertie, and he happily allows it. They both have come on leaps and bounds'

TIA WRIGHT came to us a few months ago and following major surgery to remove 4 huge bladder stones she is now with her new foster mum Gwen who says 'Tia is doing well loves seeing my grandchildren. Still not doing stairs or steps. Hoping to go to the vets in the next couple of weeks for a ultra scan to check there aher bladder is still clear'

TEDDY SHARROCK joined us a month ago and is a very smart young man who has settled in well with his foster family.

SKY AND SUMMER LAYCOCK are two senior dogs who have been with us a couple of weeks ago. On the whole Sky is good with no concerns, Summer is not so good and is like a creaking gate. We have him on pain relief and have started him on Yumove plus. He is already showing signs of improvement so we will monitor him for a few weeks. Foster mum Gillian says 'Sky continues to grow in confidence. We went further and a different walk today in between the rain! He’s loving it. He’s accepting the lift up n down, sofas, steps and bed! His little character came out last night after carrying him upstairs. He did a little dance! Like playing WOW!

Summer is a total delight ( they both are) She is up for getting dressed for going out. She actually sat on my knee when a friend called.

They both greet family and friends and love the attention. Eating and sleeping absolutely fine. Since coming to bed no 4.15-4.30 wake up calls? Friday they had a 2nd booster at the vets'

PENNY LAWSON came to us at the weekend and is 7 months old. Her history is somewhat messy and we believe she has had 2 homes already. It may take us som time to settle her and assess her. Penny is fostered by Wendy who says 'Penny is a timid little girl, she spent first night very nervous, but yesterday she was playing and trying to get Maggie’s attention. She is very affectionate and seems to love Harri been sleeping in his bed used her puppy pads in the night, and has been in and out of garden all day with no accidents inside, she is a typical diva but you have to be slow and no sudden movements otherwise she curls her top lip and teeth are shown'

Remembering MADDY PEARSON, we did our best to make her final few months happy and due to her devoted foster mum Gillian I feel content we did just that. RIP Maddy, you were so loved

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