COCO AND MILO ELLIOT have been adopted by Tracey Allen and family. Very special thanks to Jacqueline Elliot for all the care and love you have given them and Jan Donovan for transporting them.





DOGS IN PERMANENT FOSTER CARE We have 7 dogs in permanent care These dogs will be staying under the care of the rescue and not available for adoption due to their age and/or medical issues.

TED LAKING Ted has done wonderfully well since he came to us as an unclaimed stray with cushings disease but his treatment is costly and it is not a cure. All we can do is try and keep Ted as well as possible with drugs. He is settled with Shirley and into a routine, he needs to stay there with no further upset in his life. Shirley has spent much time learning about cushings and understands the condition and that it is life limiting. UPDATE 01/10/2021 Shirley says 'Ted not been himself for a couple of days, I will keep an eye on him and see how he is over the weekend. Its nothing in particular just he is rather quiet and seems to be sleeping more than usual'

POPPY CORLESS will be staying with her foster mum Sharon. Poppy is 14 years old and has a high grade heart murmur, moving her would have been detrimental to her welfare and thankfully Sharon has agreed to keep her forever. Sharon says 'Poppy is doing as well as she can for her age, she does struggle with the stairs sometimes, but we have started to carry her up. I’ve never known a dog who loves their food as much as she does, she enjoys her walks. And loves plenty of cuddles'

FRASER PURVIS although not old has numerous health problems which are life limiting. He will stay in the care of his devoted foster family. Vivianne says 'Fraser has come out of himself a bit this week, we were worried last week as he was very lethargic and didn’t want to eat, he is such a character as so protective of our girls - he stands and waits for them patiently when our walking and won’t run on ahead and leave them - he is a gorgeous boy who loves his cuddles'

LEO GRIST is with Barbara. Leo has some long term medical issues which need ongoing medical care. Barbara says 'Leo was at the vets last Tuesday,he has an ear infection so ear drops twice a day, back for a check up in ten days, his skin is so much better now, my gorgeous little soulmate'

BAILEY SHERLIKER Bailey is not well, he has some spinal issues and will not be available to adopt. He is staying with his foster mum Sandra Sherliker for as long as he needs her. Sandra says 'Bailey is still the same, but he is currently being plagued by Jess, he had this with Miss Maggie too. He tends to run behind my legs so she can't get to him, so she starts on Alfie!!! All good fun here in the Sherliker household'

PIPPA LEWIS due to her age and medical needs Pippa will stay with us. Sandy says 'Pippa is just the same , she really has come out of herself , it’s like a chorus in this house Bella starts barking at everyone through the window so Pippa joins in lol , I even have left them together while I have popped out , and oh boy what a welcome home we get , it’s a race to see who gets to me first lol'

LADY BROCKLEBANK has moved to the care of Christine. Lady needs special care and Christine is very experienced in this department.


HUGO LAKING is a 7 year old fostered in the North East by Shirley Laking. Shirley says 'Not much change in Hugo, he has settled in to his own routine, loves to say hello to visitors like Auntie Dot. He still won't entertain a harness and he will let you know with a quick snap if you try to put one on him. He is a good little boy 90% of the time, but the other 10% he definitely deserves an Asbo'

DAISY MACDONALD is 2 years old (?) and in the North East and has moved to Valerie Cartwright for longer fostering. We are struggling somewhat with Daisy. We only have the information that was given to us when she came to us, no official paperwork and no vet history. It would appear that Daisy has a number of health problems not normally seen in a young dog. At the moment Daisy is work in progress and we are doing x-rays and bloods etc. Valerie says 'Daisy is doing well. Her balance is still off but I think it will always be like that. She has decided not to eat her meat, she decided not to eat her biscuits, no reason for this she just turns her nose up!! she still loves her walks on the beach, also in the park. She still has the lead issue, barking like crazy when she sees another dog. We are trying hard to distract her but she is quick to see them. We are working through it. Otherwise she is a happy content loving little girl.

LOUIS SOMMERVILLE loouie “lucifer” Sommerville #ASBO is only a youngster at 12 months but he is a mess. We'll take our time with him and hopefully we can sort him out. He is fostered in South Yorkshire with Debbie who says 'Louie is pushing his boundaries with his behaviour towards Teddy. He’s a very large dog for his breed and his back legs are starting to give him more problems. They are bandy and he hops from leg to leg when walking. They are gangly and he gets in a tangle with them at times so a vet referral will be sought for him to see what the options are now he’s fully grown. He’s naughty but extremely lovable you can’t help feeling for the little guy. His bond with me is growing and he’s started to trust me with brushing etc. Louie is going to take some time to gain his full trust'

OZZY WENHAM is with Sandra in Lincoln. Ozzy is very troubled and we thought we had cracked it but he's had to come back, we are very sad, however we will try again. Sandra says 'Ozzy is doing well, using his leg a little on his garden strolls, but I have to keep a close eye on him as he’s learnt that if he only uses 3 legs, he can go faster!' **OZZY HAD A FEMORAL HEAD OSTECTOMY 4 WEEKS AGO AND HIS RECOvERY HAS BEEN DIFFICULT TO SAY THE LEAST, HE IS NOT THE EASIEST PATIENT IN THE WORLD.

WOLFY McHUGH This poor lad hasn't had a easy life but he is settling in nicely in Northumberland with foster dad Ralph who says 'Wolfy's doing well, starting to take a bit of notice to voice commands at last! Hates going out in the wet and damp but hes got bladder control I'd love to have he makes a point of having three good naps on my lap each day, he comes with that absolute pleading look and settles straight in. Lovely lad'

DOLLY KNOTT A beautiful little one who is being fostered by Alison who says 'Dolly is being very brave after loosing her foster sister a couple of weeks ago It has set her back as she’s lost all confidence in walking on her own but new arrival Shadow is helping her. Waiting to be neutered'

RUBY GUNTHORPE is a lovely little girl and is fostered with Tracey who says 'Ruby is such a happy little girl. Loves playing with her foster brother Winston. Eats and sleeps well. Ruby is now booked in to be spayed on the 10th of November'

BUSTER SNOWLEY is a lovely young shih tzu poodle x who was bred in a puppy farm and sold by one of those multi breed kennels that we despise. Unfortunately Buster has dreadful hips and needed bilateral femoral head ostectomy. Buster will be with us for some considerable time as this is a long process. He is being fostered by Ann and is a very happy boy (unless you starting examining his hips) Buster had the 1st hip done 8 weeks ago and is doing very well. Buster had his 1st hydrotherapy session last Monday and did very well and he is back again tomorrow.

ALFIE WRIGHT our dear disabled boy is with me. Alfie has rear end paralysis and is doubly incontinent. He has now been with us 12 weeks and we are progressing very well. Alfie is now microchipped, vaccinated and was neutered. Whilst under GA our vet had a look at his eyes which I was concerned about and unfortunately he has some ingrowing eyelashes in his right eye, these have been removed by plucking so now we play a waiting game to see if they grow back and he is rubbing them again so we will have to revisit this and I don't think we have ruled out surgery at this point. I am managing to keep him clean and sweet smelling by using dry shampoo and nappies as a belly band. He is raw fed to make sure his stools are firm and he has tree bark powder added to his food. I always know when he is going to the toliet because his tail wags and his back legs shake so I just wait and pick it up with a wet wipe, it's very easy to manage. He loves people watching, it is very comical to watch, we never miss an opportunity to meet people and explain his situation. Alfie is very sociable and enjoys having his ears rubbed by both adults and children, he is my social butterfly. Unfortunately Alfie has separation anxiety and gets very distressed if he cannot see me, but I do think this is improving. Alfie has mastered the art of wheels and is amazing in them, almost as if he had been born with them. Having Alfie is an absolute privilege, he is never a chore and I am devoted to him, however we travel on our road together in the hope that somewhere out there is a permanent home for Alfie. I am a FOSTERER, that is what I do and I am mindful that at any time we could have another 'Alfie' that needs what I can offer.

PIPPIN MCEVOY is with foster mum Carol in the North West. Carol says 'Pippin had 7 teeth removed on Friday and has just been back to see the vet, all is well, has just to go back in 3 weeks for her final checkup

SHADOW KNOTT just a youngster, and is with Alison and Dolly in the Northwest. A lovely young dog, has come in from a strange situation but whatever, he is here now. There is a bit of work to do with him but it helps that he has a lovely character and has settled in well.

PEGGY PHELPS. is with Angie in Sheffield. A lovely unclaimed stray. We know absolutely nothing about her. Angie says 'Peggy has had her dental, 9 teeth needed to be removed. She also had a lump removed from her right shoulder, it was the size of a 50p. It has been sent for histology and cytology because thinks it looks suspiciously like a malignancy. She had an unsettled 1st night, she did manage to eat and drink and appears a bit brighter now. She had repeat bloods yesterday and her liver and kidney function have now returned to normal. She's got pain relief and antibiotics twice a day. She's still having eye drops fucithalmic and optimmune. We go back for her post op check on Monday and she will be microchipped, I will also ask about whether the optimmune is having an impact on her dry eye. She still needs to be spayed at some point but we're going to wait for her to get over this lot of surgery and let her have a season first. She's lost a bit more weight too which the vet advised would help with her stiffness in a morning, the yumove seems to be helping too. She really is a fantastic girl, clever with a gentle temperament and very sweet. It's heartbreaking to think she was just abandoned'

JESS SHERLIKER and is with Sandra in the North West. Sandra says 'Jess had to go back to vet's as an emergency as her chest/tummy was swollen. She has another course of antibiotics, which she takes well ever so gently taking them out of my hand. Her mammary gland was infected along with a chest infection. She eats well and sleeps well, but has to be near you all the time. She's not bossing the boys as much, but I'm putting this down to not being well. Will see when she starts feeling normal again. She does like to be neighbourhood watch and tells people off who walk past the gate. How dare they? This is quite deafening especially at school time as she sets Alfie off too. She loves a walk but does get too excited, pulls on the lead, but settles down after a bit. Working on this. She has a tendency to squeal and cry, for no apparent reason, and all this is done whilst wagging her tail. She's also started barking at other dogs on our walks. She's a little minx at times, if she doesn't get her own way she tends to rag the beds. Having said all that she is a little gem too'

TIA AND BERTIE MUTCH a lovely pair being fostered in Lincolnshire. Foster mum Katherine says 'Bertie is on his 4th day of antibiotics following his castration. The vet is happy there is no inner infection, just a little red on the outside and we're confident it will be easily healed. He loves to watch dogs on TV and doesn't like to feel he is missing out on anything. Tia gets on very well with other dogs but is also absolutely fine left on her own in the house. She is a master escape artist so it is a good job even little holes and gaps are blocked up. She is always on the lookout for small furry things in the garden so wouldn't be suitable with small pets. She will give a bark when she wants to go out but is otherwise quiet and sleeps well. They are both the sweetest dogs and want to be loved. They get very excited when put on leads to go out and pull terribly, especially when together but settle down well once on the walk. This and recall is our focus'

MISSY AND PIPPA JONES came in last weekend thru no fault of their own. Beautiful bonded pair being fostered by Louise in the Midlands who says 'Missy & Pippa have settled in instantly & have been loving daily walks, cuddles & treats etc. They do not like being left alone too long, and follow each other and myself around all the time, especially the first few days. Missy pulls a lot on her lead and Pippa just follows. They both bark a lot & get excitable when seeing other dogs, whether it is because they haven't met many other dogs in their life so far or if its because they are protective of each other....not sure but hope it will change once they are spayed...maybe. Apart from this, family, friends & even clients are loving meeting these two beauties'

BETSY ELLIOT came in on Friday and is with Jacqueline. A very timid unspayed 5 years old who is going to need much care.

TOM BROOKES is currently on his way into us as a type