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DOGS IN PERMANENT FOSTER CARE We have 5 dogs in permanent care. These dogs will be staying under the care of the rescue and not available for adoption due to their age and/or medical issues.

TED LAKING Ted has done wonderfully well since he came to us as an unclaimed stray with cushings disease but his treatment is costly and it is not a cure. All we can do is try and keep Ted as well as possible with drugs. He is settled with Shirley and into a routine, he needs to stay there with no further upset in his life. Shirley has spent much time learning about cushings and understands the condition and that it is life limiting. However, Ted continues to do well, he looks wonderful and we are hoping he has happy years ahead of him because he deserves it. UPDATE 22/10/2020 Shirley says 'Ted is at the vets next Monday for his ACTH test to see if his cortisol level is is still okay at 10mg, he seems to be fine with this dose so fingers crossed for a good result...'

LADY BROCKLEBANK will stay with us and with her foster mum Chris. She does have medical issues and at the age of 13 we think it's only kind to let her stay where she is and be supported by us. She recently had to undergo tail amputation and is still getting used to the altered balance.

BELLA SOMMERVILLE has medical issues and will remain with her foster family and Alfie for as long as she needs us. Bella does suffer from dementia but she is a terrific character and is very much loved. Foster mum Debs says 'Bella is in good form she had a sink bath yesterday which she absolutely loved she would lay in the bath all day. It lasted all of 2 mins though as she’s in and out of the house like a yo-yo she forgets when she gets out that she’s going for a pee pee so she’s got muddy feet already. Still in love with her cricket ball and unicorn she’s a real pleasure to permanent foster'

LEO GRIST will be staying with his foster mum Barbara. Barbara says 'Leo is doing very well, I have reduced his steroids and he is on Appoquel for life, his skin is great now thank goodness,his eye infection is clearing up now, he is a happy loving little man, he is my world'

POPPY CORLESS will be staying with her foster mum Sharon. Poppy is 13 years old and has a high grade heart murmur, moving her would have been detrimental to her welfare and thankfully Sharon has agreed to keep her forever. Sharon says 'Poppy is doing ok,she’s picked up again and been more lively. She's interacting a little more with my two dogs. She loves her food although she’s fussy on what she will eat! Enjoys her walks'


FRASER PURVIS is an 8 year old boy, fostered in the North East by Vivianne. Vivianne says 'Fraser has had a good week until today when there is poo and sick coming thick and fast hoping it is the usual doggy bug that floats around this time of year as we have found if we are really strict with his diet although some days his poo is a little undesirable we have no bouts of sickness. We continue to work on socialising - he just does not like strangers, but we are keep working with him - he has improved on the lead but I wonder if it’s more because we are seeing less people when out and about as it’s colder, he is extremely protective of our smaller shoo, think he was a body guard in a previous life'

BILLY SAUNDERS unfortunately Billy has deep seated issues that we cannot deal with in a foster home. Billy has been moved to the care of Anne De Berry at Snowdonia animal sanctuary. Billy needs time and space to decompress. It is very sad but Anne has everything that Billy needs. Anne has worked with our dogs before with great success and although his rehab will take time we are confident she can get him there. Thank you Brian McDonald for taking Billy to Anne's

HUGO LAKING is a 7 year old fostered in the North East by Shirley Laking. Shirley says 'Hugo is a strange boy, every time I think I am succeeding he will take a step backwards. I have had a few really good days with him, coming for cuddles, letting me groom him with a grooming mitt, the I thought I would try and pick him up and he let me know that he was not ready for that. So I will patiently wait and keep up with the training and hope that he will eventually be able to trust enough to be picked up, this is essential if he is to be able to go to the groomers'

MOLLIE AND JAKE McDONALD came in a few weeks ago. Fab little pair of dogs, fostered with Brian and Donna in Manchester. I'm not 100% sure how old they are, I think about 10 years. Brian says 'No change, waiting for Molly's blood results both been to groomers with Maddie and Ted this week both very settled and happy '

COCO AND CHANEL PHELPS. Coco is 6 and Chanel 4. Lovely girls that needed a bit of work doing. They are being fostered by Angie in Sheffield. Angie says 'Coco is recovering well from her nasal widening and soft palate operation. She just has a dissolveable suture left. She's fully recovered from her upset tummy and s eating and drinking normally. She's so funny, she's playful again and is less tired on walks. She loves to watch the TV Chanel is brilliant nothing to report'

CHARLIE LEACH is in Driffield with Denise. Picked up and is an unclaimed stray. Denise says 'Charlie is much the same, still a bit grumpy, I think he has not been socialised properly and some things he doesn’t get like toys bless him. He is very food oriented though and responds to treats'

SUKI WESTERMAN is an unclaimed stray and is with Jenny in West Yorkshire. No age, we'll sort that later. Jenny says 'Suki doing well eats anything and everything. Walks well on the lead. Not interested in playing with my other dogs . Just a waiting game now to see if she comes into season'

COCO CARBINES is in foster care with Viv in Newbiggin-By-The-Sea. Viv says 'Coco is still fine in the house but is getting over excited on walks. She wants to greet & play with every dog we meet & pants, whines, pulls & sometimes barks trying to get to them. The only way to calm her down is to take her away from any other dogs, which seems a shame'

COCO CARR is a 9 year old boy and is with Louise in the North East. Louise says 'Coco has had his op last Thursday (neutering, hernia repair, nasal widening and dew claw removal) and have just took his leg bandages off, he’s not impressed and snapped at me when I was taking them off. He’s started eating, still fussy tho, sleeping great, still wants cuddles and still very vocal'

MINNIE MCDONALD is a 4 &1/2 year old and is with Shirley in Hartlepool. Shirley says 'Minnie has been back to the vets, another course of antibiotics for the Uti, more drops for her ears and a 10 day course of Apoquel @ 2 a day to see if it helps her skin. Minnie is 99% a good girl but has the odd grumpy moment where she will growl at you if she doesn't want to do something. She is a 100% at every thing else, walking on the lead, eating her tea, sleeping all night and clean in the house. Minnie is back at the vets on Monday and hopefully will be restart her vaccinations this time, I am also convinced that she is in season so I will be making her appointment for her spay'

MILLIE DAKIN is with Debbie and Steve in the North West. Debbie says 'Millie is fully recovered from her spay a week ago - it's almost as if it never happened ! She's a lovely dog and has been busy this last week making friends up in Appleby which has been great as we now know she is brilliant with young children (although they do need to be dog savvy as it's very much a work in progress with her on lead training). She still insists on barking at everyone and everything she meets on her walks and doesn't yet understand she can't jump up at everyone she sees either. This is a throwback from her previous life as we believe she wasn't walked very often. Her toileting is getting a little better although she is still needing to be taken out far more regularly than the others. The accidents are getting fewer but Millie still doesn't give any warning that she needs to go so we have to be very much on the lookout for even the slightest sign at all times. Millie will make a young family an excellent dog when she is able to be adopted'

BUDDY LITHERLAND is with Sue in the North West. Buddy is 6 years old with a few medical problems. Sue says 'Well, what can I say about Buddy! He is fabulous he is a joy to have around. He plays with the other two now, and has started to play with the toys. He has certainly found his voice (Thanks to Nancy!) and barks if he doesn’t get attention! He still tries to beg for food from the table, but is starting to realise that he doesn’t get anything. He is not happy that his food is reduced and he doesn’t get any biscuits or treats anymore but I keep telling him it’s for his own good. He is still on the Meloxaid every other day, and he is pain free, so hopefully when the YuMove arrives he will be great. Just waiting for his 2nd vaccinations around 12/16th November and he will be ready for adoption when we are allowed. He is going to make someone a wonderful companion he is just a little shadow who follows me everywhere'

FRANK DONOVAN , a super little 4 year old boy. Jan says 'Frank is doing really well. Less reactive when he sees men. In fact often sits with my other half in the evening. We have been doing lots of walks and he is beginning to enjoy them more! Hates the rain but getting used to it. Loves his food to say the least. Funny little man a pleasure to foster'

BAILEY SHERLIKER is ready for adoption but will stay with his foster family for now. Sandra says 'Bailey has the devil in him this week. He's starting trying to open bins and bags which is comicaland pinching dishes to take to his bed. He is also being picky where he walks, and can be stubborn. His back legs are stronger but he still can wobble especially when he's been asleep. Other than this he's an adorable boy who loves nothing more than being near you.'

GUS WENHAM is ready for adoption but will stay with his foster family for now

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