LOUIS SOMMERVILLE has been adopted by foster mum Debbie which is by far the best outcome for him. He has been and continues to be a challenging little dog but he'll be good. Thanks Debbie to you, and not forgetting your support team.

LIZZIE AND LOTTIE BAKER have been adopted by Barbara Blundell. We all have a soft spot for these girls and nobody more than foster mum Margaret Baker and letting them go has been difficult for her. You did a superb job Margaret, thank you. Thanks also go to Karen Sullivan for having a huge heart xx




DAISY MCDONALD is being adopted by her foster family. This really is the kindest thing for Daisy as she is a very difficult dog who carries much baggage.

DOGS IN PERMANENT FOSTER CARE We have 7 dogs in permanent care These dogs will be staying under the care of the rescue and not available for adoption due to their age and/or medical issues.

POPPY CORLESS will be staying with her foster mum Sharon. Poppy is 14 years old and has a high grade heart murmur, moving her would have been detrimental to her welfare and thankfully Sharon has agreed to keep her forever. Sharon says 'Poppy’s doing ok, still enjoys her little and often walks, she a cuddle monster and will sit happily next to and is very contented, she amazes me how much she loves her food, she’s always the first to run to her dish, and she loves gravy bones'

FRASER PURVIS although not old has numerous health problems which are life limiting. He will stay in the care of his devoted foster family. Vivianne says 'Fraser had his check up last week and the vet agreed that he is markedly slower than he was at the last one - going back for a scan next week. He just loves his cuddles and there are plenty of them to go around my little brood. He still likes to get out for his walks and loves lying in the sun on the deck'

LEO GRIST is with Barbara. Leo has some long term medical issues which need ongoing medical care. Barbara says 'Leo's ear is a lot better now, will known about his eye when he sees the vet tomorrow afternoon his bronchitis has gone altogether he is still my loving little man, my soulmate'

BAILEY SHERLIKER Bailey is not well, he has some spinal issues and will not be available to adopt. He is staying with his foster mum Sandra Sherliker for as long as he needs her. Sandra says 'Bailey bobs still the same. Both he and Jess squabble to lie in the littlest ray of sunshine they can find. He’s not liking the cold mornings but once he gets moving he’s okay. Only potters around the garden as he soon tires. He loves nothing more than “talking” when the others start, even though he has no idea what he’s “talking” about'

PIPPA LEWIS due to her age and medical needs Pippa will stay with us. Sandy says 'Pippa is doing great , her ears are ok now , she is still on her itchy tablets we call them lol ,not scratching so much , she is due her weekly shower with her special shampoo when we get home from the caravan , she is like a young puppy bouncing about sometimes , I love it when she does this'

LADY BROCKLEBANK has moved to the care of Christine. Lady needs special care and Christine is very experienced in this department. Lady has settled in so well and is certainly the queen of the house.

TILLY ASHCROFT is a beautiful 13 year old who will be staying under our care. Foster mum Lesley says 'Tilly is doing well loving the sunshine, she loves to lie at the back door with the sun shining on her, she is very clever as if it’s windy she lies in the doorway inside, but if it’s calm she lays outside bless her. Tilly can eat for Britain and loves blueberries and banana at the moment if you have either she is your best friend ha ha she loves going to coffee mornings as she is always centre of attention and really enjoys having a fuss off all the seniors. Her eyes are ok she is due a checkup at the vets in two weeks, she still doesn’t like having her eye meds and grumbles about them but they have to be done and it means she gets a big cuddle and a couple of blueberries for being good'


HUGO LAKING is a 7 year old fostered in the North East by Shirley Laking. Shirley says 'Hugo is doing okay, still has his moments, he is the Jeckel and Hyde of the doggy world, loving one minute but try and overstep the mark and he will let you know in no uncertain terms. Health wise he is great and the barking at car's is under control'

BUSTER SNOWLEY is a lovely young shih tzu poodle x who was bred in a puppy farm and sold by one of those multi breed kennels that we despise. Unfortunately Buster has dreadful hips and needed bilateral femoral head ostectomy. Buster will be with us for some considerable time as this is a long process. He is being fostered by Ann and is a very happy boy. Buster had the 1st hip done 7 months ago and has been having 2 hydrotherapy sessions a week and has recovered well enough to have his 2nd hip done 13 weeks ago and we were thrilled when 24 hours later he walked out weight bearing on the operated leg. He is now back to 2 hydrotherapy sessions a week and is doing extremely well. He is walking normally on his back legs now. His hydrotherapist is delighted with his progress and he agrees that we can see light at the end of the tunnel'

ALFIE WRIGHT our dear disabled boy is with me. Alfie has rear end paralysis and is doubly incontinent. He has now been with us 10 months months and we are progressing very well. Alfie is now microchipped, vaccinated and was neutered. Whilst under GA our vet had a look at his eyes which I was concerned about and unfortunately he has some ingrowing eyelashes in his right eye, these have been removed by plucking so now we play a waiting game to see if they grow back and he is rubbing them again so we will have to revisit this and I don't think we have ruled out surgery at this point. I keep him clean and sweet smelling by using dry shampoo and nappies as a belly band. He is raw fed to make sure his stools are firm and he has tree bark powder added to his food. I always know when he is going to the toliet because his tail wags and his back legs shake so I just wait and pick it up with a wet wipe, it's very easy to manage. He loves people watching, it is very comical to watch, we never miss an opportunity to meet people and explain his situation. Alfie is very sociable and enjoys having his ears rubbed by both adults and children, he is my social butterfly. Alfie has mastered the art of wheels and is amazing in them, almost as if he had been born with them. Having Alfie is an absolute privilege, he is never a chore and we so enjoy our time together educating interested members of the public, particularly children about the ability of disabled dogs to have a long and happy life'

HARLEY EASDEN, our little man from China. Harley was taken very ill 10 weeks ago and had emergency surgery to remove a stone stuck in his urethra and his bladder was opened up and cleaned out. He is being fostered by Caroline who says 'Harley has a vet appointment today have his vaccinations and check his skin. I’ve seen a different side to him over the last week a little jealousy has surfaced with Bei Bei being here .He’s not nasty just vocal and must be involved in everything. Apart from that he’s very much just Harley waiting for his next scan and urine check'

AUTUMN LAKING is a beautiful 2 year old girl. Shirley says 'Autumn has settled in really well, eating well, sleeps throughout the night and walks well on the lead. She is a lovely little girl who likes her cuddles'

TEDDY SOMMERVILLE is a 9 month old boy, extremely small, clearly bred to be small which in my book is unacceptable. If you don't like the correct size of a shih tzu then buy a different breed!!!!! Debbie says 'Teddy - healthy little lad eats well and sleeps well. Got a palate for poo cat, dog, cow he’s not fussy lol. Walks well on a lead and eager to go for walks but does shy away from his harness. He’s found his voice enough said! He’s quite reactive to other dogs and people till he feels comfortable but generally a very healthy little boy with a great personality'

PIPPA PHELPS is a 6 year old beauty. Foster mum Angie says 'Pippa was 7kgs when she came in and is now up to 7.6kgs, she could do with putting on a little bit more weight. She's had all of her vaccinations now, she's been wormed and flead. She has a umbilical hernia but the vet has said that can be repaired when she is spayed. He will also do her dental at the same time. She's gaining in confidence every day and is a delightful little dog. Gentle and sweet natured. She's even started to play chase with the others. Pippa and Molly are firm friends which is lovely to see. She's really settled in here, she doesn't bark much and is clean in the house'

CHASE GREEN A lovely little boy, just 2 years old. Foster mum June says' A smashing boy, eats well, loves his walks. Clean in the house but can cock his leg up on humans lol. Hopefully this will stop when he is neutered. Plays well with other dogs. Chase by name and Chase by nature'

MOLLY TOWNELL a super 18 week girl came to us thru a change in circumstances. She's a typical youngster, confident, funny and with teeth like razors. Foster mum Bev says 'Molly is doing very well and seems very settled. She is currently sleeping after a busy day with Simba. No problems with eating and her voice box is working perfectly'

BEI BEI EASDEN our little Chinese dumpling who arrived almost 2 weeks ago. Things are always difficult in Chinese rescue but even more so atm so we were on tenterhooks until we had confirmation his plane had taken off and he was on the flight. We know so little about his back story and maybe that's not a bad thing. Foster mum Caroline says 'Bei Bei has settled in very well it is just like he’s always been here. He loves cuddles and fuss, will walk on lead, likes sitting on the sofa and the tables and chairs in the garden. Doesn’t mind travelling in the car, eats very well (small kibble and wet food )even though he hasn’t a tooth in his head bless him. He’s been to the vets and he’s pretty healthy, he just needs a couple more baths to make sure the skin problem he had has completely cleared. He also has had an ulcer at some point which has healed and left some scarring on one eye. At the moment we are working on house training'

MOLLY PHELPS a youngster who joined us recently and is with Angie. Angie says 'Molly is a little bundle of fun and energy. She's settled in well, she's eating and sleeping well. She slept in the cage in her previous home so Charlie has let her have the cage here. She had an ear infection when she arrived and has drops for that, it is getting better. She's clean in the house too. She loves to play and the only time she cries is when she's bored and wants to play! She needs plenty of walks, she's good on the lead and has got used to being on a doubler with Pippa really quickly. She's a bright little button. Once she has had a season we will book her in for spaying'

MADDY PEARSON came in at the weekend, a 14 year old who found herself in a sad situation. She's not in the best of health and we are still trying to pull everything together to give her the very best possible chance of a comfortable future.