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A little bit about Us...


Shih Tzu Action Rescue was founded as a UK based Facebook group in early 2013 to try and raise awareness of Shih Tzu in rescue centres and council pounds in the UK. It quickly grew to include vulnerable dogs advertised on internet selling sites.


Our admin team were frequently asked by members if we could do more to help dogs that were clearly in need, so we began recruiting foster homes and raising funds for veterinary care.


Shih Tzu Action Rescue have a strict neutering, vaccination and microchip policy which is adhered to (unless its against medical advice).


Only when all this has been done, and we feel our fostered dogs are ready, do we then find them ‘forever’ homes. Our adoptees are also carefully selected, matched to the needs of the dog, and undergo home- checks. We also carry out follow up visits and give support for life.


By far the bulk of our resources are spent on neutering and vaccination. We very rarely get a dog come into our care with up-to-date vaccinations, or one that is neutered. We also microchip our dogs 


To fund all this, we need to raise money. We do this in various ways, with on-line auctions, 'supporters' club, and through donations from our generous supporters, Another great way to donate is with the Easy Fund Raising site every time you shop online the retailer dontates to your charity 

We are now an English northern based rescue which can no longer cover Scotland. Each dog is cared for in a very carefully selected foster home 



Thank you for helping us to help them.

"Each dog comes to us with a past, and with baggage.

It is our job to help them unpack each piece.

Sort through the good and the bad,

so when they leave us to go to their forever families, they have just one happy small overnight bag.

That contains love, hope and promise" ~ anon

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