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Please note you will be expected to travel to meet our foster dogs at their foster home along with your other family members and any dog/s so please take this into consideration before applying to adopt. 

State the DOGS NAME you are interested in when filling in the APPLICATION form.





BAXTER is 11 and loves nothing more than tummy rubs, but on his terms. And will sleep where he wants, he doesn’t have a bed as he’s got so many chairs and a settee to use. He can be wary of strangers and Postmen. He can be grumpy if you want to move him and he doesn’t want to be moved, will growl and snap but not all the time. He does sometimes sit on the back of the settee to do his neighbourhood watch. He looks out for Ruby as he’s her designated Knight in Shining armour. Really good on walks, except doesn’t like big dogs, just barks at them to tell them to keep away. Also loud noises, make him jumpy. He will only eat Dog Pate. I normally put some veg with it. Clean bowls all the time. Built in alarm clock when it’s time to be fed. Very clean in the house, no accidents. I would suggest no young children, as they both can be growly and snappy. He’s had a couple of spats with Jess, but nothing serious. Can get a little jealous of her. A stern NO and he’s okay. Baxter will go out first thing in a morning, but Ruby will wait until after breakfast.

RUBY is 9 and is very nervous. She will drool when she’s anxious or frightened. Wary of strangers but does settle after a while. She looks to Baxter for security. Will take Ruby quite a few days to feel secure and settled. She normally takes herself off until she’s ready. She doesn’t like her legs being touched especially her back ones. Ruby will find herself a cushion and normally sleeps on that. They’ve both been left downstairs at night, but with a night light on. Ruby sometimes eats her pooh, and if you try to pick it up she will growl and snap at you. Walks well but again doesn’t like big dogs or loud noises. Once Ruby has your trust she is a very loving girl. She is a little overwhelmed with Jess, so would suggest no other dogs as she’s happy with Baxter. They would benefit from having someone around majority of the day and travel well in car.They are truly a delightful pair.

So to summarise. They would benefit from being the only dogs in the family and definitely no young children, the youngest we would consider is 12 years. Both dogs are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and come with 5 weeks free insurance. Their adoption fee is £ 300 PLEASE NOTE. You must be able to visit Baxter and Ruby in their foster home which is in Chorley Lancashire. Please fill out the application form in full using a CORRECT email address

If you would like to know more about any of the dogs available, please do not hesitate to contact us.





Teddy is an 11 month old male who is neutered and fully vaccinated. He’s a very playful pup with lots of character. He eats and sleeps well and is house trained. We have had Teddy for 8 weeks and he has been an absolute pleasure to foster. We have seen no signs of aggression whatsoever however he can be a bit barky on his lead when he sees another dog. He has lived with us and another dog so he needs the company of another dog. He’s full of life and loves to be active and in among any activity. He currently eats twice a day as he is under 5kg and processes his food quickly. He’s a small dog with a HUGE amount of spirit and will make a perfect family pet. He’s good with children but he will chase a cat if he sees one. I have nothing negative to say about this little one he’s a real love bug. Teddy is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. Teddy's adoption fee is £500. Teddy is fostered in Rotherham and you must be able to visit him with all resident family members and any dogs. Please fill in the application form fully and check your email address is correct.