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If you are interested in adopting please fill out an Application of Interest Form by clicking the button below or on each photo.

PLEASE State the DOGS NAME  you are interested in when filling in the application form.

Please note to view each dogs details you need to view on either a computer a laptop or visit our facebook page

Please scroll all the way down the page to see all our dogs ready for adoption

Please note you will be expected to travel to meet our foster dogs at their foster home along with your other family members and any dog/s so please take this into consideration before applying to adopt. 

State the DOGS NAME you are interested in when filling in the APPLICATION form.



COOPER & FREDDIE are a pair and we cannot split them up. Freddie is 10 yrs old and is simply a little sweet heart. So affectionate and laid back. Loves his short walks and is always out in front leading the way. Very good on the lead and knows commands like wait, stay, down, let's go, and always comes to you when you call his name. When Freddie went for his vet check they discovered a grade 4 heart murmur so a heart scan was later performed and it was then they found both vessels surrounds the heart were not functioning as they should so was put on medication. After a week I found he was losing weight and weeing excessively so after a chat with the vet, she recommended to half the dosage of the furosemide tablet to once a day and this has a great difference and he is doing extremely well. His medication is for life and coated with a little grated cheese he takes it without any fuss. He takes 10mg of furosemide which is half a tablet and half of 2.5mg of cardisure every morning before walks and food. And half of 2.5mg of cardisure in the evening. The ongoing cost for the meds when purchased from an online supplier would be approx about £22.00 each month. Freddie is not neutered on the advice of our vet who thought it would be better for Freddie to not have a general anaesthetic. Cooper is 11yrs old. Again a sweet heart and loves cuddles and giving lots of kisses. Will sleep right up next to you. He will want to dry you when you get out of the shower and pick your wound if you cut yourself to make you all better. He's such a gentle soul. Since his castration he's settled down still loves playing with a toy now and then and play fighting with Freddie but mostly list wants to cuddle up to you and sleep. He has arthritis in his pelvis but doesn't stop him he recently started yumove for this but to soon to tell if its helping. These boys come as a pair and they do everything together. Literally everything!! Cooper likes to eat his food first and Freddie is OK with that as he's quite fussy. Need to watch that Cooper doesn't try to eat Freddie's food. Doesn't happen all the time but now and again. These boys will make their new family whole and want to see out the rest of their days in a loving calm environment. The home we are envisaging for the boys is quiet, with some level of activity. we don't consider them suitable to be homed with children under the age of 16. They are in their foster home in Newbury Berkshire and you must be able to visit them there with all resident family members and any resident dog/s. Both boys are vaccinated and microchipped and come with 5 weeks free insurance. Their adoption fee is £200. Please fill out the attached form in full.





LOLA came to us from very sad circumstances. From what we can piece together she has had a difficult life. The vet has aged her at 5 years which fits in with what we found out. She eats well sleeps well in basket at bottom of the bed. House training has proved difficult and challenging. She uses puppy pads indoors and will go when out on walk but hasn’t grasped asking to be let out. This will need on-going work. She is affectionate and loves cuddles etc when she gets to know you. She is ok on the lead but will bark at strangers but then let’s them fuss her. She doesn’t like strangers coming into the house and this needs to be worked on. Lola will try and attack visitors but once she has seen them a few times and gets to know them she is fine. We are sure this is because of her past life. She is good with other dogs and cats. We need to be very clear about the type of home she goes to. It need to be quiet with not a huge amount of comings and goings. No children, she'll not cope with lots of activity and noise. The adopter will need to show great patience, kindness and understanding. Since coming to us she has come an awful long way and we must not let her slip back. She would do better with another dog in the home to help her along. Lola is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. She is currently being fostered in Greater Manchester and you must be able to visit her in her foster home with all resident family members and any resident dog/s Please fill in the attached application form in full. Lola's adoption fee is £350.



Peppa is a beautiful 11 year old little lady who has settled well into her foster home. She came into the rescue with severe uveitis in her right eye with no sight remaining in the eye. Despite treatment to make her more comfortable we were unable to ensure Peppa was pain free and for that reason the eye was removed and she has healed really well. Since being pain free her character has emerged and she is so funny and affectionate. She doesn't sit on your knee but loves to be squashed in next to you. Peppa was used for breeding in her early years which has left her with a matronly figure (I didn't like to say overweight) and she sort of waddles when she walks and bounces when she runs. She sleeps all night but she does snore a little. She is clean in the house and asks to go out. She enjoys her walk and travels well in the car, she just sleeps. Peppa loves to EAT and this needs keeping in check and she will try and steal food from other dogs. When she arrived she had anal gland issues but on advice from the vet she has 10g of bran daily in her morning meal and this seems to have resolved the issue although it would be prudent to keep a keen eye on this ongoing. Peppa gets on well with other dogs but I think she would be equally happy living as an only dog. She loves her human/s and likes to be with you as much as possible and will follow you everywhere so for her happiness she needs a home where she isn't left for long periods of time. Children over the age of 12 please. Peppa is a funny and quirky girl who is now looking for her forever home. In return she will make a wonderful companion who will make you laugh each and every day. Peppa is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. Her adoption fee is £150. Peppa is fostered in Newbiggin-by-the-sea Northumbria and you must be able to visit her there with all family members and any resident dog/s. Please fill in the attached form in full to be considered.

If you would like to know more about any of the dogs available, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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