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If you are interested in adopting please fill out an Application of Interest Form by clicking the button below or on each photo.

PLEASE State the DOGS NAME  you are interested in when filling in the application form.

Please note to view each dogs details you need to view on either a computer a laptop or visit our facebook page

Please scroll all the way down the page to see all our dogs ready for adoption

Please note you will be expected to travel to meet our foster dogs at their foster home along with your other family members and any dog/s so please take this into consideration before applying to adopt. 

State the DOGS NAME you are interested in when filling in the APPLICATION form.



Betty and Bertie are a very handsome pair of Shih Tzus who came into foster with me on 2nd July . They are 6 years old and were born within a month of one another.

Betty is a sweetheart and ticks all the boxes. I can find nothing negative to say about her.

Bertie has obviously struggled since his world was turned upside down recently. He will need an experienced couple/family to welcome him into their home... people who will understand that he needs to have boundaries in place so that he realises he is not 'Boss' ... as Bertie appears to have been rather spoiled and indulged and can be grumpy if he doesn't get his own way.

In return , once he feels stable and secure, he will give loyalty and affection... in fact at the moment he is rather 'needy' and tends to push in for all the affection... hence the need for a couple or family ( no children under12) who will be able to also give Betty the attention she deserves.

Both dogs eat well, sleep together ( in a crate), love their walks and are ok with other dogs once introduced.

They can be a bit noisy if they see other dogs when out walking but this is not difficult to control.

Bertie does 'mark' his territory when entering new environments. Bertie and Betty are both neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and come with 5 weeks free insurance. Their adoption fee is £400.They are fostered in Beaconfield Buckinghamshire. You must be able to visit them in their foster home with all family members and resident dog/s. Please fill out the attached form in full (including full address)



Coco is 8 and Winnie is 9, they are a bonded pair and will not be separated under any circumstances.

When Winnie and Coco arrived 5/6 weeks ago Coco hid behind the shed for the first half an hour. When i finally got her out it was another hour or so before she ventured into the bungalow to see where Winnie was. By the next day Coco was my shadow, Winnie is fine with other people but Coco is terrified, when they are on walk and someone walks past on the other side of the road she will freeze and bark at them till they are out of site, there is no pacifying her. Visitors to the home can take a while for her to accept them but she does come round eventually. The girls have never been walked, socialised or house trained. Winnie has adapted the best and is going outside to toilet more often but Coco still thinks it is acceptable to do it where she is at that moment in time, it would be a good idea if prospective adopters had hard flooring. On the plus side both girls eat well, always clear their bowls, definitely not fussy eaters. They will happily sleep all night in a crate and have never had accidents whilst in there. They are fine to be left for a couple of hours, but they are with my three dogs, I can't say what they would be like if they were on their own. These girls are so loving, especially Coco they just need someone to understand that they are rescue dogs and they come with baggage, are you the person that can show them the patience and love they are looking for, you will be rewarded with so much unconditional love. Coco, as always, is glued to me, as soon as I move she is at my ankles, poor love is so dependent on the human that feeds her and Winnie. We appreciate these girls are not for everybody, they need a huge amount of input and maybe Coco will not get much better but they deserve a chance. They require a quiet home with not too much coming and going. No children under the age of 16. We are hoping there is a family out there for them. Both girls are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and they come with 5 weeks free insurance. Their adoption fee is £300 .You must be able to visit them in their foster home which is in Hartlepool with all resident family members and any resident dog/s. Please fill out the attached form in full, we need your full address. Any incorrect applications will be rejected immediately



TIA is a beautiful girl who will be 9 years old in September. Tia is quite a complex character when you initially meet her. She may take to you or she may not, it depends which way the wind is blowing. She is certainly more relaxed with women but will eventually come round to a man given time and patience, everything must be done on her terms at her speed, you cannot rush this little lady. Tia is good in every way in the home but lacks confidence until she is confident she is safe. Tia had surgery to remove 4 huge bladder stones under our care and fortunately there was no long term bladder damage done. For that reason her bladder need protecting from it happening again and she has a special diet which you order on-line and we have costed it at per day. It is imperative that Tia remains on this diet and is not fed anything else including treats. The consequences of doing so will make her poorly again and will result on costly surgery and insurance will NOT cover it. We had her bladder scanned last week and it is completely clear. We would advise a badder scan or urine cytology done in 6 months just to check her bladder is still clear of debris and then probably annually. The one thing Tia does really like is children, she takes to them very quickly so we are quite happy for her to go to a family with children over the age of 9 as long as the children understand the food restrictions. Tia is ok with other dogs but she doesn't really interact with them, she could go to a home with another dog but we don't think she will build up a strong relationship with another dog. We are really hoping someone will see Tia's potential and is prepared to work with her at Tia's pace. Tia spent time with Joy whilst having her surgery and Joy says 'Tia is an absolute beauty who will give you her heart and soul if you let her do things at her own speed and within her comfort zone, I think very highly of her as does my adult son who she eventually formed a lovely relationship with' We understand that Tia will not suit every family but if you think there is a possibility of being a good match for her please fill out an application form in full and Tia's foster mum Gwen will be able to chat to you at length about her. Tia is vaccinated, neutered and microchipped and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. Her adoption fee is £300. Tia is fostered in Leeds and you must able to visit her there with all family members and resident dog/s. Please fill in application form in full before submitting.





TRIXIE is a super 9 year old girl. She is very loving, very affectionate girls who loves her cuddles. She walks well on the lead but can be a bit gobby with strange dogs. She eats well when she fancies it and talks to you when she wants a treat or to go for a walk. We would like Trixie to go to a home with another dog and definitely no cats. Trixie could go to a family with older children. Trixie would slot into a lot of scenarios. Trixie is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and comes with 5 weeks free insurance. Her adoption fee is £300. She is fostered in Ellesmere Port Cheshire and you must be able to visit her there with all resident family members including dog/s. Please fill in the attached application form in full. Any incorrectly completed will be discarded




PLEASE READ THIS FULLY SCAMPER (7) and TEDDY (6) are a lovely pair of boys with cheeky personalities and a lot of love to give. They love their food and treats but they are very gentle and not at all greedy. Cuddles on the sofa are their absolute favourite but they also love their walkies, especially when off lead in the secure field! They aren't very keen on other dogs when they are on the lead but when introduced properly they are able to make friends. They originally slept together at night in their crate but they much prefer their Foster mum's sofas. They are also not morning dogs and very much enjoy a lie in!

TEDDY is a very mischievous boy who loves to play, especially with his ball. He likes to follow his Foster mum everywhere though, even to the toilet! He can be cheeky but is equally very loving and snuggly.

SCAMPER is the older of the boys and is definitely the grumpier of the two! If he doesn't want to do something he will let you know with a little growl and a grumble but he doesn't snap. He is extremely affectionate and while he does like to play, he would much rather have a cuddle. Scamper has glaucoma in both eyes and limited vision but he doesn't let it stop him. He HAS to have 2 sets of eye drops 3 times a day but is very patient and happy to have them administered. The drugs cost £65.44 a per month if purchased online with a vets perscription and it is VITAL that these drugs continue. He will also require regular pressure tests at the vet and we are more than happy to answer any queries potential adopters may have.

Scamper and Teddy would be suited to a home where they can be the only dogs and can give and receive lots of love and attention. They have been introduced to children but they don't like loud noises so older children would be more suited to their personalities.

Whoever decides to adopt these two boys will not regret their decision. They are adorable, funny, very affectionate and will give tonnes of love and devotion to their new family in their forever home. Both boys are neutered vaccinated and microchipped and come with 5 weeks free insurance. Their adoption fee is to be discussed. They are currently fostered in Driffield, East Yorkshire and you must be able to visit them in their foster home with all resident family members. Please fill in the application form in full and a member of our admin team will contact you and go into further detail about the implications of Scampers eye condition

If you would like to know more about any of the dogs available, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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