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State the DOGS NAME you are interested in when filling in the APPLICATION form.

CHARLIE LEACH is approx 5 years old (aged by a vet) and is with his foster family near Driffield East Yorkshire.

We think at some time in his past Charlie has encountered unkind treatment. He is a grumpy stubborn boy and can be possessive particularly with high value treats although if you leave him alone he will leave them and walk away. He is very frightened of feet and can go for them if feeling threatened. He is fine with cats although he does bark at them in the garden . His great love is outside exercise and goes for very long walks but he can lunge at cars so a new owner would need to be mindful of this.

Charlie sleeps in his own bed in the sitting room. He eats well and is good to groom.

We are not sure how much further Charlie will progress, he has been with us some considerable time and his foster mum thinks she has taken him as far as she can. He will need an experienced home with no children and be the only dog in the household. Charlie is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and comes with 4 weeks free insurance. His adoption fee is £220

CHARLIE SOMMERVILLE is a 4 year old shih x pomeranian. Charlie is fostered in Harthill South Yorkshire.

He’s a very loving boy but just has issues with leaving the home and desensitizing him will be a long process but he would make someone a lovely dog as he has a lot of good qualities. Sleeps on his own generally on top landing but we all close our doors and he has free run of the house so sometimes downstairs. Likes to sit on the stairs. He loves his penguin toy and usually likes to pick it up at bedtime or after his tea. Steals socks and will bury them in garden and stubborn to give them back if caught in the act he will grumble but he’s not destructive with them. He does like to randomly sit in the bath ??? But we now close the bathroom door so possible that has stopped. Will go to his bed on command and sits on command for treats. Destructive with the post so a door basket will be required. No signs of destruction with household items.

Loves exercise and has an established recall and loves lightweight footballs and will chase and play with one till he’s exhausted. Good with other dogs but can sometimes be a bit reactive when walking and sees another dog but not always. Walks nicely on a lead. Not fond of being dried after a walk will try to pull towel from you with a bit of grumbling but will let you do it.

Eats nicely and with other dogs present and eats twice daily usually scrambled egg with ham for breakfast and dried food with a tiny bit of canned meat for tea. He takes treats very gently.

Behaves at the groomers and will allow you to brush him.

He’s clean in the house and no toilet issues.

Charlie is very reactive to any signs of anyone leaving the home, sound of keys, shoes coming out or coats and will start to bark and squeal. He jumps very high at the back door. If a family member is leaving I can control the situation by blocking him and firmly saying no confidently then praising him once that person has left for a few minutes then he’s happy to go about his business again. If all household members leave it’s tricky to get out. I put him in kitchen with another dog and use a baby gate (he will jump higher than the gate but never seems to jump over it) so he can see us go out of the front. He does not like to be behind a closed door. He will bark for quite some time it’s pot luck really as sometimes I arrive home and he’s in his bed settled and other times he will still be barking but I’ve only had Charlie in lockdown so it’s not really often that we are all out of the household. He’s always very happy to see you when you come in but stresses a little until your shoes and coat are taken off. He’s more relaxed in himself as he was super anxious when he first arrived. He attaches himself to family members very quickly and adores fuss. Never experienced any aggression from him apart from jumping at the door he will try to grab the handle but he’s not gone for any of us. There’s always an element of anxiety on him but nothing like when he first arrived. Easily excitable but responds well to using a thunder vest to bring him back down again.

The home we are looking for MUST be Charlies final home. He needs stability and his needs must not be taken lightly. He needs an active home with dog savvy children over 12 years of age. There must be another steady dog in the household. and preferably where he will not be left for long periods, particularly in the settling in time. You must be able to visit Charlie in his foster home. Charlie is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and comes with 4 weeks free insurance. Charlies adoption fee is £220.00


OZZY WENHAM is Ozzy is 6 years old and is fostered just outside Lincoln. Ozzy didn’t have the best start in life. Consequently can be an anxious little boy. He is fearful of the dark and so sleeps with a nightlight next to his bed in my bedroom. He will not settle in the dark and becomes anxious. His anxiety is overall much improved and he is currently on medication which has helped. Obviously it is hoped once he has his forever home and feels safe and secure, the medication will not be necessary. He can still be a little nervous but has improved massively since he came to STAR. I have seen absolutely no sign of any aggression in Ozzy.

Ozzy does not like to be left alone and so will need someone around all the time. He has short bouts of random screaming, sometimes when he gets worried, sometimes when he is excited (walkies!) and sometimes for no apparent reason. This has improved greatly since he’s been in his foster home, but please consider he may always be prone to this. Once you get to know him, you can often recognise when he is getting ready to ‘sing’ and distract him from doing it.

He is also vocal in the car on and off but travels well in a doggy car seat. He does not like to travel just on the seat of the car, even with a harness as he finds that scary. I think with more regular car journeys, he will get used to travelling and not be concerned.

Ozzy does have slight arthritis in his hips. However since he came to STAR, he has had medication, massage and hydrotherapy and has gone from only being able to do a 10 minute walk to easily managing 40 minutes or more and even running! He loves his hydrotherapy sessions, he goes every 3 weeks at the moment and this should be able to be reduced to monthly. It would be brilliant if his new home would continue with this for his wellbeing and because he loves it!

Ozzy really enjoys his food and was on a diet initially as he was a bit tubby. He is currently fed Natural Instinct raw which has helped him lose weight and is beneficial for his joints. He loves carrots, cucumber, banana, apple, french beans and peppers. He should however not be allowed to get overweight.

Ozzy does not like boisterous dogs and really doesn’t know how to play with others. He does love his toys (especially if they squeak!), balls and his giant tennis ball. He can be a bit vocal with other dogs on the lead, I’m sure he has had a bad experience as he seems to try to warn them off if they get too close. However, slow introductions seem to be ok. Dogs running past him scare him and he will cower down if he feels frightened. I think once he sees more dogs out and about, he will feel more confident. He walks well on the lead and is not bothered by traffic.

He has lived with two other calm dogs in his foster home and whilst he doesn’t really interact with them, he gets on with them fine. He could live with older children who can understand his needs. He could not live with a cat as he chases them.

Ozzy is a fabulous little boy, very loving, playful, obedient (mostly!). He loves to sit next to you on the sofa and snuggle with a throw over him. It may take him some time to settle in new surroundings so will need patience and space, but once he’s comfortable, he’s a little star . Ozzy is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and comes with 4 weeks free insurance. Ozzy's adoption fee is£ 220

**Please read Ozzy’s write up thoroughly and consider whether you can meet his needs**

JAKE AND MOLLY are a bonded pair, both are 11 years old and they will NOT be split up. They are fostered in the Denton area of Manchester.

They are the 2 most adorable dogs you will ever meet. Both love their food but can be greedy at times if not watched and there is any other food is about. Both love their treats and are good to wash and groom. Both seem fine around children, they have been around young children and were safe with them but we will not re home them with children under 6 years old.

Molly has had a mammary tumour removed and the vet is very confident that she has removed it all with a good margin. Molly also has a yeast problem with her skin and needs baths every 2-3 days when it flares up with a specialist shampoo and sometimes needs the addition of steroids.

Jake has an old hip/spine injury/arthritis for which he has a daily shot of loxicom and a Yumove tablet. When he 1st came he couldn't get up a 6"step but now he bounds around like a puppy.

Neither of them are keen on rain, Molly despises it and it is very difficult to get her out for a walk. although neither of them are keen on long walks. Molly just loves to be in her bed or on the sofa with her human. Jake will have a little play with a toy when he is feeling giddy.

Unfortunately Jake is absolutely petrified of fireworks and it is very upsetting to see him in such a state, we have tried all sorts of things but a cut off sock over his head seems to do the trick.

They are both very quiet inactive dogs probably due to their age and they may appear boring to some but if you are looking for quiet and obedient lapdogs they they will fit the bill nicely. They are like an old married couple, inseparable.

Both are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. They come with 4 weeks free insurance and their adoption fee to be discussed with admin

Micky and Suzie are a bonded pair currently fostered in North Shropshire and can only be adopted as a pair.

MICKY. Micky is an approximately 9 year old neutered male. Lovely personality and very loving. Loves playing with his toys together with his 'little sister' . When not playing loves his cuddles.He has no known health problems and is mostly house trained (the odd accident, but strangely enough only on hard floors, so easy to clean up) he was previously in a flat with lots of puppy pads so this may explain it . No problem climbing stairs but has to be carried down.

Food: Eats once a day in the afternoon, a mixture of wet food, chicken and dry food, currently Pooch and Mutt. Prefers to eat off a plate rather than a bowl. May not eat breakfast but quite likes a couple of Schmackos.

Children: Yes Other dogs: Preferably not Cats: Unknown Vaccinated: Yes Wormed: Yes

SUZIE. Suzie is an 8 year old neutered female. She is personality plus but needs lots of attention. If she is awake all she wants to do is play with her toys and fetch. A cheeky little madam with a stubborn streak. She has no known health problems and is house trained. Smaller than Micky they are joined at the hip and play well together, where one goes the other follows.

Food: Eats twice a day (Breakfast and Dinner) same as Micky, also prefers a plate than a bowl. Eats for England.

Children: Yes Other dogs: Preferably not Cats: Unknown Vaccinated: Yes Wormed: Yes

The two of them are generous with their love, Micky being more forthright with his affection than Suzie but once you give Suzie time she will become devoted to you. She's my little shadow and you have to be careful as she will follow you into utility room/pantry/toilet and still be behind the door when you close it (whoops she's just locked herself in the pantry), Micky idolises Suzie to the point of being anxious if he can't see or hear her. Suzie is obsessed with her toys and will certainly need time in the back garden throwing her ball/toy. Micky also loves this however he may dominate the play. So, a bit more playtime with the little madam.

After my husband lets them out for their morning toilet the welcome when they race back upstairs is

unbelievable. Hope the new parents are not averse to a lot of love and kisses. They need lots of love and attention but most of all they will need your time, they will return the love tenfold.

Suzie and Micky will surely enrich the life of their adoptive parents, we will surely miss them. Both dogs are neutered vaccinated and microchipped. their adoption fee is 340.00 and both come with 4 weeks free insurance

BUSTER AND MAX are fostered in High Wycombe. Both boys are 8 years old.

Buster is very active and loves playing with toys and balls. Max hasn't shown interest in toys so far but would definitely like to play with other dogs (they don't play much together....Max tries but Buster rarely reciprocates) Neither are aggressive towards other animals but Max in particular will chase eg cats/birds and he is 'interested' in other animals. OK with people and other dogs......not phased by traffic/noise etc. They do like to watch the world go by and will bark at passers by.

They both eat well and are fed twice a day. Feed at least a metre apart and watch until they finish....Max will steal Buster's food if given an opportunity.

They can be left for a couple of hours but may bark and will definitely do so if they hear or see anyone outside.

Happy to sleep in a bed...but prefer the sofa ! Will happily sleep from 10pm to 8am . They have slept in my room at night. Have obviously been used to being allowed on furniture in the past.

They are used to 2 walks per day 30 mins each....but very happy to go for longer(especially Buster). Daily walks essential for both dogs. If walking near animal droppings keep them on a short leash. Both know what 'NO' and LEAVE IT means.

Both house trained but Max needs an eye kept on him because he can be sneaky.

Buster is aloof at first but actually very sensitive and loves affection once he trusts you we think he may have been 'left out' in the past so needs a home where he gets his fair share of fuss and attention.

Max loves to snuggle up either beside you or on your lap and pushes in first.

Buster occasionally makes a 'screaming' noise which terrified us at first as thought he was in pain....but he just does it occasionally when barking.

Some jealousy issues noted so new 'parents' will need to be aware

Both have had problems with skin (due to their history) so they have coconut oil and apple cider vinegar supplements which are important.

Max has sensitive ears (due history) and skin needs monitoring....obviously suffers from sensitive/itchy skin....should improve if supplements continued. Both enjoy being bathed and are sooooo good !

need brushing/combing every other day (weekly if clipped short) and eyes wiping every day (very important as get 'crusty' if not wiped daily)

These two are absolute treasures. We are looking for a reasonably active home for these lovely boys and plenty of attention. They could go with children over 12 years of age. Both boys are microchipped, neutered and vaccinated and come with 4 weeks free insurance. Their adoption fee is £350 and you must be able to travel to meet them in their foster home.

If you are interested in adopting please fill out an Application of Interest Form by clicking the button below each photo.

PLEASE NOTE ...State the DOGS NAME  you are interested in when filling in the APPLICATION form.


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