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 How to Adopt 

Before considering adoption 

Adoption procedure

Before considering adoption

Please read this entire section BEFORE completing an application form


1- Some of our dogs are traumatised and insecure. They need time spending on them and are not suitable to be left for long periods of time. We believe the maximum time is 3 hours but even this can be too long for some dogs.

2- Our dogs must live as part of a family and cannot be housed outside the home.

3- Please consider the age of the dog you are wishing to adopt against your own age, we hope that our dogs have a home for the rest of their lives.

4- Whilst we do believe in dogs being with children due to the circumstances of many of our dogs we do not rehome with children under the age of 6 years.

5- If you already own a dog it must be neutered before adopting one of our dogs.

6- Your garden must be secure, we will not consider adopting to a home without a garden eg an upstairs flat.

7- You must be prepared to undergo a home check. We will require proof of residence  eg a utility bill. If your property is rented we will need to see proof that you are allowed to keep a dog.

8- You will be required to meet the dog in its foster home.  Therefore we strongly advise you to check where the dog is situated before applying. Under NO circumstances  are we able to transport a dog to meet you.

9- Please DO NOT apply to adopt a dog that is still under assessment, your application will be deleted.

10- Please complete the application of interest fully. We will NOT accept any applications that are not fully completed.

11- In the sad event that you are unable to keep an adopted dog please contact us. The dog MUST NOT be rehomed. If a family member wishes to take on the ownership this can usually be arranged.

Adoption procedure.


1- Once we have received a fully completed application form we will shortlist applicants and if successful will contact then for a chat and  if both parties agree we will arrange for a home check to be carried out. Following a satisfactory home check you will be given the opportunity to talk to the dogs foster carer. If both the applicant and fosterer is confident of a good result you will be able to make arrangements to visit the dog at its foster home along with all family members and resident dogs.This meeting must take place as soon as possible and within 7 days. WE DO NOT hold dogs for long periods or because of holidays.

2- At the meet and greet and providing both parties are happy to proceed you will be asked to sign an adoption contract and pay the adoption fee to the foster carer. . N.B No dog will leave our rescue without the adoption fee having been paid in full.

3- Should you adopt a dog under 6 months of age that has not been neutered we will expect you to have the dog neutered before its 1st birthday.


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