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Believe it or not there are an ever increasing number of Shih Tzu needing to be rescued.


Here at Shih Tzu Action Rescue we take in unwanted and abandoned Shih Tzu and place them in foster homes.


While they are in our care, our experienced foresters ensure that these dogs are well loved, fed, groomed, receive any essential / routine veterinary care. ​

Each dog is neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated.​


We also comprehensively assess each dog to make sure that when they finally go off to their forever home, it is the PERFECT home for them. So they can unpack their suitcase for the last time.


As you can imagine, providing for these dogs can be very costly and we rely on the kindness of your donations to continue our work.



shih tzu action

If you would like to make a donation towards helping the Shih Tzu in our care, please do so by sending via PayPal addressed to or click the button 

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