Mollie is a 2 year old little girl who has come into us from a lady she was given to as not wanted, her new owner was struggling with her attention demands and escaping acts, jumping out of the window, digging out of the garden etc after her vanishing for hours and almost getting run over she felt she was out of her depth and needed our help for Mollies sake, well Mollie you are a STAR girl now you will be just fine, we can not change your past but we can give you a good future

Came in to foster care 15th July 2018

In foster care in Luton



These are our newest arrivals, They have come into our care from all different situations, some from neglect and abuse, some from being unwanted, some from their owners being to ill to look after them,  but whatever the reason they all need love and a forever home.

All the dogs that come onto our care are fully vet checked, given their vaccinations, neutered micro chipped and receive any treatment they need These little ones are NOT READY FOR ADOPTION but they will be soon !!!  

They are being accessed by our wonderful fosterers before they are ready for their forever home.



            Under Assessment !


Come on everyone let's have a huge warm STAR welcome for Our New Kid on the Block MAX!!! This cute little boy has come into us through no fault of his own, he has been having rather a rough time for quite a while and is quite neglected due to his previous owners mental health issues. Well MAX your a STAR boy now and your past is behind you, everything will be just fine from now on we promise you that.                          Came into rescue 12th july 2021


This big beast is Buster, he has joined us today. Buster is a shih tzu poodle cross who we believe has bilateral congenital hip dysplasia. We’ll let him settle in and get him looked at as soon as we get access to his history. He is a very patient boy, he put up with 4 hours of me singing along to Bruce Springsteen without complaining which is far more than most humans would. Welcome Buster, welcome to the big family

Came into rescue 6th july 2021

This little one sneaked in and hitched a lift today. Meet Ruby, another youngster. A very sad back story, lots of tears but she had an amazingly brave mum who put Ruby’s welfare 1st and she deserves our respect. We’ll look after her and treasure her. She has settled in well and is having a good look round and getting to know her foster brother


This very cool dude making himself at home is young Milo. Milo was bought as a very poorly puppy from a disgusting back yard breeder. He was supposed to be 15 weeks old but only weighed 1kg. Fleas and Lice and worms.His owners health has deteriarated and she felt he wasn't getting the quality of life she wanted for him  so made the very brave decision to call out for help. And here he is, a year old, the picture of health and in foster care with us.. Welcome Milo, you are part of our family.                                        Came in to rescue 22 june 2021

Please welcome our newest detainee, Little Dolly. Dolly is feeling a little nervous atm but I’m sure in no time she’ll be full of her own self importance. Dolly needs neutering so is likely to be with us some time       Came into rescue 21st june 2021

Welcome to this young man Wolfy. Wolfy has come to us because he was just in the wrong home. Your’e not in the wrong home now son       Came into rescue 9th June 2021

Say hello to Maggie, she has joined us today. At the moment she is feeling a little confused but we are sure she will be ok when she gets used to things. Welcome to our big family little one x                          Came into rescue 4th May 2021

These 2 little darlings joined us today. Milo and Coco, 5 years old litter brother and sister. Both need some work doing and they are booked in to see our vet tomorrow afternoon. . You are so welcome little ones x       Came into rescue 31st may 2021

And this little sweetheart is Daisy, . A much loved little girl who was given to the rescue because they loved her, not because they didn’t, who is making herself at home. Welcome Daisy we love you already x             Came into rescue 30th may 2021


We have a new princess in our big family. This is Kandy who has arrived today. Kandy was very much loved and it has been a heartbreaking decision to let her go but I promised her Dad we will treasure her.           Came into rescoe 30th may 2021

Come on everyone lets have a huge warm STAR welcome for Our New Kid on the Block OZZIE !! This fabulous little lad has come back into STAR through no fault of his own just down to circumstances at home. Well OZZIE you have nothing to worry about sweetheart once a STAR dog your will be forever looked after by us. 



Come on everyone let's have a huge warm STAR welcome for Our New Kid on the Block MILLIE !! This beautiful little girl is just 10 months old and has come in through no fault of her own, illness forced her owner to ask for our help, of course we stepped in. Well MILLIE your a STAR Pup now and your sure going to shine sweetheart



This little chunky monkey has come in due to family circumstances. Well HUGO your a STAR boy now and your certainly going to shine


8 years old Missy, came in today as her Daddy has gone into Care and her Mummy can’t give her everything she needs. Your going to get your new forever home real soon little beauty.                  Came in 11th may 2021

 MINNIE !!! This adorable and much loved 4 year old has come in due to her Mummy having to under go more brain surgery that will leave her in no position to be able to care for, up until recently Minnie has been on her own an awful lot with carer's going in to feed and let her out. Once alerted how could we refuse, this is a very sad case. Well MINNIE your a STAR girl now            Came into rescue 29th September 

This adorable little 2 yr old does not like to be left on her own, her owner who lives in a first floor flat asked for our help due to neighbours giving her problems, she is heartbroken herself and needed to put this little one first after rescuing her only a few weeks ago. Well DAISY your a STAR girl now and your going to be just fine and get your confidence back young lady     Came into rescue 23RD MARCH 2021

In da house!! This is Louis, he has joined our foster family. He’s only a youngster and atm he has some issues which need working on but given time and security we are confident he will overcome his demons.                                      Came into rescue 24th April 2021