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  Mollie is a 2 year old little girl who has come into us from a lady she was given to as not wanted, her new owner was struggling with her attention demands and escaping acts, jumping out of the window, digging out of the garden etc after her vanishing for hours and almost getting run over she felt she was out of her depth and needed our help for Mollies sake, well Mollie you are a STAR girl now you will be just fine, we can not change your past but we can give you a good future

Came in to foster care 15th July 2018

In foster care in Luton



These are our newest arrivals, They have come into our care from all different situations, some from neglect and abuse, some from being unwanted, some from their owners being to ill to look after them,  but whatever the reason they all need love and a forever home.

All the dogs that come onto our care are fully vet checked, given their vaccinations, neutered micro chipped and receive any treatment they need These little ones are NOT READY FOR ADOPTION but they will be soon !!!  

They are being accessed by our wonderful fosterers before they are ready for their forever home.



            Under Assessment !


“MANCHU” (known to us as HARLEY). This adorable little boy has been rescued from a Chinese meat market with the help of Eva Dudas from Saving Harbin Dogs rescue, his journey covered more than 6000 miles an arduous journey indeed, a stop off for a couple of days in Malaysia and then onto Heathrow.

We do not “buy” dogs, however we have paid for his flight of which none of the money came out of the rescues general funds and was raised solely in his name with support of our members.

This rescue Is a one off, a sheer indulgence for a small rescue and a lifelong dream for its founder Joy Wright who has worked tirelessly for many years to help dogs, it also shows us what we can achieve with support of our fabulous supporters. Yes there are thousands of dogs in this country needing our help we never turn a dog in need down, we cannot save the world as much as we want to.

Welcome to the UK MANCHU ( Harley) your future is no longer being on someone’s dinner plate but a life of love, fun and safety which all dogs deserve, you’re a STAR boy now everything is going to be fine, we promise you that.                          Came into rescue 3rd nov 2021


ALFIE! This beautiful little 5yr old has been paralysed from his waist down for the past 2 yrs., double incontinent, he dragged himself around the garden at his previous home over gravel ripping his skin. Although his previous owner loved him dearly, he has to work 12 hrs a day and has recently lost his wife, so after asking many rescues for help and being turned down he approached STAR, without hesitation we offered help knowing our vet bills are going to go through the roof, not having seen a vet we do not know what is in store only that we are going to do everything possible to get young ALFIE back on his 4 paws, 

You’re a STAR boy now ALFIE everything will be just fine sweetheartx


This big beast is Buster, he has joined us today. Buster is a shih tzu poodle cross who we believe has bilateral congenital hip dysplasia. We’ll let him settle in and get him looked at as soon as we get access to his history. He is a very patient boy, he put up with 4 hours of me singing along to Bruce Springsteen without complaining which is far more than most humans would. Welcome Buster, welcome to the big family

Came into rescue 6th july 2021


This little chunky monkey has come in due to family circumstances. Well HUGO your a STAR boy now and your certainly going to shine





This little 7 yr old chi X Shih Tzu has come in through no fault of his own, due to his owners ill health she could no longer give him the care he needs, of course when asked for help when stepped up. Well HARRY your a STAR lad now and your going to be just fine, we promise you that.

Please note we are not accepting applications for Harry until he is posted up as ready for his adoption, any recieved before then will be deleted,


Please say hello to Mitch. Mitch has been with us a little while but we decided to just keep him quiet whilst we figured a few things out. Mitch is terribly thin but is responding well to a really good diet. We are aware of some health issues with him but until he has reached a healthy weight it isn’t safe to progress with investigations. Safe to say he has stolen our hearts


This dear little boy is Buddy who has joined us this morning. Buddy needs neutering and has epilepsy so he needs a little time for us to assess him but he seems a very happy little boy

Came into rescue 10th March 2023

This little man is Ruffles, he joined us yesterday. He has a few medical problems that we envisage will take some time to work thru but he did see one of our vets very quickly and should he more comfortable already. Your kindness enables us to help dogs like Ruffles as it appears we are quickly becoming the rescue who step up when others refuse to help

Came into rescue 14/04/2023


This is the lovely Lola. She came to us yesterday. Her life was truly shattered and she ended up in kennels. A very kind police officer stepped in and reached out to us and here she is having just had a bath. We have very little background on her so we will cross each bridge as we come to it.Came into rescue 8/06/2023

This is little Willow who joined us yesterday, only young. Willow will stay under our care until she is spayed and has recovered. Welcome Willow. Came into rescue 16/09/23

This smart young man joined us over the weekend. His name is Bruno and he is settling in with his foster family. Welcome Bruno. Came into rescue 08/12/23


This is Coco who joined us a couple of days ago. Just a youngster, she needs spaying before she can be adopted. Came into rescue 30/12/23


Phoebe joined us yesterday, she will be 13 years old in June. She was very much loved and in good health for her age. She appears to need a dental so we will get her examined asap. Welcome Phoebe xx Came into rescue 13/01 2024


Please welcome our new boy Coco. Isn’t he handsome. Needs his vaccs restarting and neutering but shouldn’t need to be with us too long. Please do not submit applications for him until we ask. Came into rescue27/01/2024

Please say a big hello to Darcie and Suzie who joined us yesterday. They had a long and tiring day and I want to thank Anna and Caroline for their rapid response in a difficult situation. Welcome to you both. Came into rescue 2/03/2024


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